Member Service Support

This form allows members to:
Activate Excavator PosR Webhook Subscriptions in OCA Account(s)
Add OCA accounts to DPP
Request information on becoming a member
Request report(s) of data related to your membership
Request update(s) to contact information
Request update(s) to Summary Report destination(s)
Request updates(s) to ticket delivery subscriptions
Submit AOI files for upload into AuthorityViewer
Contact the Member Services Department for invoice inquiries, questions, & troubleshooting
Request subscription to The Member Outreach newsletter
To create a new user account, please complete the following steps:
Create an account for OneCallAccess. This must be done first.
Once this is has been done, complete this Member Service Support form for "Add My OCA Account to DamagePreventionPortal". Applicants will need to include which account type is needed. A chart is below for reference.
To receive a "+" account, users must complete the required OneCallAccess training provided by our Web Ticket Department.
Upon receipt of this request, the Member Services Department will set up the account and follow-up via email.

Completion of SkillBuilder training is required for the following account types: Member Admin/+, Member Full/+, and AuthorityViewer.
Is your organization a facility owner/operator member or associate member of MISS DIG 811? * 🛈
Excavator PosR Webhook Subscription Options * 🛈
Webhook Information
Days of the Week
For which days of the week do you want to receive ticket to this subscription? 🛈
Ticket Types
Which ticket types should be sent to this subscription?
Would you like to update an additional subscription?
Days of the Week Applied to the Subscription
If new subscription is left blank, it will be applied for all days. If subscription change is left blank, we will assume there is no change to the days applied.
Affected Ticket Types for the Subscription
If new subscription is left blank, all will be assumed. If subscription change left blank, we will assume there is no change in ticket types. If this is an IVR subscription it will apply to emergency ticketes. 
Summary Reports are the daily ticket audit received for your station(s). Audits provide ticket count only per station and are delivered via email in plain text. 

At this time, ticket count is the only information provided. Ticket type information is unavailable. 
Recipients can elect to receive a Summary Report even when no tickets are received in a day.
File Upload Information
We accept SHP (.shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj), KML, and KMZ files.
- Files must be submitted as zip files.
- If submitting SHP data, the zip file should include .DBF, .SHP, .PRJ, and .SHX file extensions only.
- Datum used must be NAD83 or WGS84.
- Metadata should be removed from files prior to upload; only geometry is needed
- Each form submission should be limited to a single station code. Do not submit files for multiple station codes on a single form.
- Ensure all objects/polygons are in one single layer and that your file does not contain multiple layers.
- Merge clustered polygons, multi-object polygons, or polygons intersecting/overlapping with one another to ensure every object in the layer is an individual polygon. Some tools may call this “dissolve.” Multi-object polygons will cause significant performance upload problems.
- Ensure the final zip file is under 155MB. 

Is this file an addition to or replacement of the existing live AOI layer in the station(s) listed? * 🛈
Do any of the updates to the AOI(s) included in this file represent abandoned facilities? *
Once the file upload is complete, an email from the Member Services Department will be sent to the address provided. Please be ready to log into DamagePreventionPortal to view, approve, and publish your new AOI. It is critical to publish the new layer as soon as possible to ensure that your undetrground facilities are covered on MISS DIG 811 System.
The Member Services Department is here to help! Please contact us at (800) 482-7161 or with any questions or concerns.