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---Returning Maintenance Clients Only---
If we have not provided maintenance services such as cleaning or pump service for your
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May we text you at this number?

Services Being Requested

Please choose your desired services below: *
Please understand that this request form is for cleaning or pump installation services only. We will not diagnose leaks, move any rocks, or adjust the structure of the water feature in any way during this service. If you need a leak diagnosis or repair, please do not submit this form. Email service@CoolPonds.Net and explain the service your water feature requires first.

Service Date

Spring cleanings are performed March through April, Tuesday through Friday.
You do not need to be home during the cleaning as long as 1.) we have access to a working water spigot and electrical outlet; and 2.) you will be able to complete the filling of the water feature later that day or evening.
Within a few days of our receipt of this form we will contact you to let you know what date your service has been scheduled.
IMPORTANT: Due to unpredictable springtime weather conditions and labor uncertainties, our schedule is fluid.  There is a slight chance your original scheduled date will need to be rescheduled up to and on the day the service is to take place. For this reason, we highly recommend you DO NOT schedule a day off work. We do our very best not to reschedule, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any service date.


All services are provided at the price of $150 per man hour labor plus the price of materials. 
For example: Two techs working from 1:00pm to 3:00pm would be $600 (2 hours x 2 techs x $150)
Time begins when we leave the previous location. We schedule our services by geographical location to minimize paid travel time.
There are minimum labor charges for services. They are as follows:
Water Feature Cleaning Minimum $300
Filter Cleaning Minimum $300
Pump Install Minimum $150
When submitting this form, we will charge the minimum as shown above for the service you selected as your deposit. For example if you choose Water Feature Cleaning as your service, your deposit will be $300. Your deposit will be credited to your final invoice when your service is complete.
Additional Distance Fees
We provide cleaning services within a 50 mile radius of our business location at 901 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis. Water features between 25 and 50 miles from our location will incur an additional distance fee of $75. We do not service water features that are farther than 50 miles from our location unless we installed the water feature and you are the original owner. For water features we installed that are farther than 50 miles from our location, in addtion to the $75 distance fee there is a per mile charge of $1.25 per mile for each mile over 50. (one way)
Summary of Distance Fees
0-25 Miles -- $0 distance fee
26-50 Miles -- $75 distance fee
50 Miles or more -- (for our installs to the original owner) $75 plus $1.25/mile over 50 miles
Excessive Debris
If your water feature has excessive muck, debris, or water lilies that need to be removed, there may be additional charges for refuse removal. We will alert you to this possibility if it arises.
Late Payments
Final payments are due within 10 days of receipt of your invoice. Any balance past due will incur a finance charge of 1.5% per month.

Service Information

Water Treatments
We use natural products that are safe for both aquatic and domestic animals. To ensure the safety of your water feature, the life living in and around it, and the environment, we will use only our products. Please do not ask us to use products that you already have as it is against our policy. We will bring the necessary products to use during your pond cleaning.
Water Features With Fish
Any time fish are removed from a pond, there is an inherent risk to them.  We will do everything in our power to minimize stress to your fish, including but not limited to aeration of the holding tank, sanitizing the holding tank and our equipment, netting the holding tank, and minimizing water temperature differences during reacclimation of the fish. We will treat your pond with enough dechlorinator for its entire volume.
Because fish may become stressed and the fact that we will not be refilling the pond to its maximum volume, we are not responsible for loss of fish during or after the cleaning. We will take every precaution possible and care for your pond as if it were our own. Fish loss does not occur very often, but it can happen.
Pond Appearance
Foaming and cloudiness directly after a cleaning is common. Your water should clear within 24 hours. Please contact us if it does not.
We will apply the inital dose and leave the remainder of the BioClear and Clean and Remove Away Plus for you to use after your cleaning. (For pondfree waterfalls we will leave Algae DSolv.) We recommend you use these products weekly until the water temperature is below 50 degrees in the fall. These products will work to ehnance water clarity and reduce algae and muck build up.
An annual cleaning is not a substitue for regular, preventative maintenance.
IMPORTANT: We will not fill the water feature completely.
At the completion of your cleaning, we will only fill your water feature enough to reintroduce fish (if applicable). You are responsible for filling the feature the rest of the way and plugging in your pump. We will only fill your water feature completely if requested below (this includes pondfree waterfalls).
Your pond will be treated for the removal of chlorine for the complete volume of the pond. You will just need to finish the filling of the pond and plug in the pump. Please do not over fill the pond.
Would you like Cool Ponds to stay to fill your water feature? Please keep in mind that you will be paying $150 per man per hour for us to fill your water feature. In most instances there are two techs on site. *
General Stipulations
Cool Ponds does not provide any electrical service or repairs. We cannot control pond condtions prior to our arrival. Any loss of aquatic life or damage to equipment or other unforseen issues are not the responsibility of Cool Ponds. Because we care about your water feature and hope to maintain your business for a long time, we will take every precaution to protect your water feature, the life living in your water feature, and your yard in general. 
If there are any issues with the services we provide, you must contact us within 2 business days.

Special Requests

Authorization and Payment Information

Within one to three business days of submission of this form, we will charge your credit card listed below a deposit equal to the minimum labor charge of the service you requested.
Upon completion of your service, a final invoice will be emailed to you.
Payment will be due 10 days after your invoice is emailed.
If you do not receive an invoice within 5 days of your service, please email service@CoolPonds.Net.
Your credit card listed on this form will be charged any remaining amount due on your invoice (after your deposit is credited) 10 days after your invoice is emailed to you unless we receive a different form of payment. The date due/date your credit card will be charged will be indicated on your invoice.
I authorize the services I have chosen above to be completed by Cool Ponds. I have read and understand all the information listed above and agree to the terms as described. The credit card I have entered on this form will be charged a deposit equal to the minimum labor charge for the service I have selected when I submit this form.
The balance of my final invoice will be charged to the card I have listed on this form 10 days after I receive my invoice unless other payment arrangements are made. The service invoice will be emailed to me 1-5 days after my service date. If I do not receive an invoice 5 days after my service, I will contact Cool Ponds at service@CoolPonds.Net
This agreement will be valid for all future maintenance services unless there are changes to pricing and/or stiuplations. I also agree that this electronic agreement is the same as hand written signatures for the purposes of validity.
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