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Certification of Proposed Non-Case-Carrying Associate,
Case Consultant (CC), or Paralegal

Only current OCR contractors may complete this request to qualify staff to bill in your office in CARES and/or appear in court as outlined in OCR's Billing Policies and Procedures.
Staff added on this form will be able to access your office's data in CARES unless you ask OCR to end access. Staff cannot use their account to act as your proxy/delegate in CARES; their activities will record their own billing rate. Review your users via CARES > User Settings > My Office. (Learn more here.)

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Each staff member's email address must belong to them and not to any other active or inactive account in CARES. In other words, you cannot provide an identical email address for multiple staff, and a staff member working for multiple offices must provide a different email for each. (Many CARES users simply leverage Gmail's infinite aliases for this instead of creating new email accounts!)
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