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Deactivate CARES User(s)
Colorado Office of the Child's Representative

OCR Contractors - How to use this form:
Step 1) First, please confirm the current status of office member(s) in CARES by navigating to User Settings > My Office.  Only users with "Active" status may log into CARES; you do not need to complete this form for "Inactive" staff.  OCR cannot remove former users' names, but an "inactive" status means they may no longer log into CARES (pictured below).
Picture of User Settings > My Office
Step 2) Below, notify OCR of non-contractor member(s) of your office who should no longer access CARES only if they are currently "Active" in User Settings > My Office. (Click here for more help).

Full Name(s) to Deactivate in CARES:
Use the plus sign if needed to list multiple office members to deactivate. *
Click "Submit" to complete your request. OCR will deactivate the account(s) in CARES as soon as possible (usually within 2 business days).  You will see the name(s) with "Inactive" status in CARES > User Settings > My Office after OCR processes your request.