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Death Certificate Re-Order Form

Death Certificates are $15 each and come in two versions. To better understand your need, hover or click on the question mark near the field that corresponds to the version for more information. ALL RE-ORDERS TAKE 5 BUSINESS DAYS and DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIMEFRAMES.
Disclosures: Death certificate re-orders must be completed and match the personal contact or next of kin on our records for the deceased. Applicants not listed on our records will be declined. Applicants requesting cause of death to be reflected must meet Florida Laws: Cause of death can only be released to: Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, By Court Order, an Attorney listed on a legal document stating that they are Legal Rep of deceased or anyone providing a will that states or directs them as Personal Rep or a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In such case, the burden of proof is inherited by the applicant and must furnish proof to our office of documentation. No order is processed until all requirements of the application are completed. Phote ID is required for all orders. 
Order is not completed until payment is processed by the applicant.