Cremation Services By The Sea proudly offers prepaid cremation arrangements that are guaranteed to never increase in cost, once the contract is paid in full.
We are properly licensed by the State Of Florida to provide these delicate services. Therefore, you can rest assure that your plan is safe and secure for years to come.
Simply complete the e-form below and we will help you get started with securing your final wishes. We thank you in advance for choosing Cremation Services By The Sea.  
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$1095. Standard Prepaid Plan Estimate Only
Our prepaid Standard Plan includes all of the goods and services required for a direct cremation as follows:
Basic professional services, transporation from a residence up to 25 mile radius, notification of Social Security, filing state documents, setting up and maintaining the trust account (other professional services), basic alternative container (required for the cremation process), basic cremation fee, securing medical records, receiving certified copies of the death certificates from the county.
Costs that are not included or guaranteed in our arrangements are those imposed by any third party, such as county fees.
current estimates for county fees are:
$15 for each copy of the death certificate 
$50-$65 for the permit fee. 
*Fees for additional services not included in our package are those when:
Deceased is over 275 lbs - A pacemaker is present $50 - Mailing of Cremated Remains is requested - Sea Scattering of Cremated Remains requested - I.D. requested at the crematory - Witness of cremation is requested or if other/additional services are requested that are not included in the original packaged plan.
Goods and services selected on this form are for estimates only. No money has exchanged between parties without a formal contract on State of Florida Resgistered Documents.
Do you like these prices? Secure them within 30 days, by contract and they will be guaranteed for life.
*Excluding County Fees.
If you wish to proceed with your estimate, we will be honored to assist you.
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Cremation Services By The Sea is a family owned business dedicated to giving you the most practical cremation prices and services in the South Florida Region. Don't be fooled by nationwide cremation societies. They will end up costing you more than needed. Choose local and save. There is no dignity in over paying for simple services. 
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