MYR Wings for All®

Please complete this registration form for all individuals that will be participating in the Wings for All® event on October 12,2022 at Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). Participants will be boarding the aircraft at 7:00pm, but we ask that you arrive at the airport between 5:30pm and 6:00pm to allow ample time to check-in and pass through security. 

All individuals 18 years old and over are required to bring a valid form of government-issued ID to be allowed through security. Parking at the airport will be validated for participants. 

Due to limited space, 1 individual with a disability is allowed to attend with 1 family member/support person accompanying them to the event. All individuals attending this event must be pre-registered online, please do not bring individuals with you to the event who have not been registered.

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing this form, please contact Danni Bloom at

Attending this event means you give your consent for everyone attending to have their picture/video taken and give The Arc US, The Arc South Carolina, the airport and airline permission to use any photos/videos in future promotional materials.  *

Primary Contact (First Family Member/Support Staff Attending)
Note: All communication regarding the event will be sent to the individual designated as the "primary contact".
Full legal name (as it appears on a government-issued ID) of first family member or support staff:
Gender Identity
(must match what is on gov't ID for security clearance) *
Relationship to participant with disability *
Some Wings events may have t-shirts available. Please provide your size. *