Imagination Advanced - Imagination Body Transformation: ME. Healing Myself Registration Form

Tuesdays 6:30 - 9 pm
Welcome! You are about to participate in a special offering from the Advanced Imagination Process - advanced work for those who are ready to raise consciousness and/or for those have completed The Imagination Process™.  In this work participants are introduced to the secrets of the universe, the law of manifestation as well as many other spiritual and universal truths. We continue to re-program old beliefs and core wounds from birth, childhood, trauma and loss in life, and commit to new ways of thinking and living in peace. 

Students continue to work on Self in all ways; committing and learning more in-depth daily practices and going deeper into consciousness for the purpose of creating an extraordinary life.

The process is an “experiential process” asking you to participate at the highest level you are able. The work is designed to access any unconscious energy, pain or trauma stored in your memory and in your body so that you may live a life of joy, peace and love and reverse any negative patterns that no longer serve you so you can live a life free of addiction and co-dependency.

Experiential processes include writing, art, movement, dance, breathwork, meditation, sound, regression, visualization and drama therapy. These processes allow one to feel, experience, express and release pain from inside the body for re-programming.

Some of the expressive therapeutic arts also involve touching or being touched by the facilitator or the group. Said touch may include handholding, hugging, tapping, learning on one another, and similar non-sexual touching. Our therapeutic team will take all normal precautions to maintain physical safety during sessions but client must assume all risks of accident resulting from unintentional movements.
We are offering this class to anyone interested in healing and transforming the bofy.  The class is offered in Soulville and in our Virtual Healing Space on Zoom as well.  Those engaging the Advanced Imagination Process Virtual Reality continue to do experiential processes from home, office or other safe and sacred space will eventually meet in human form to connect.
I have read the above description of Advanced Imagination Process - Imagination Body Transformation: ME. Healing Myself and I give my consent to participate in this work. *

Tuition Payment

Course Tuition is $350 for 7 weeks of class. 
Registration and payment or payment plan is required prior to beginning of class each phase. You may work out a weekly payment plan drafted from your bank account preferred; or you may make the payment each week; your insurance may cover a portion of these fees.  
Please contact Wendyne or our business office (Heartsong: 772-579-3495) to discover if your insurance may cover this course and/or to make a payment plan if needed.  It is our intention that anyone who desires to heal and transform can do this work, and we do our best to accomodate all.
If you are a client of Petrina McGowen:  Complete this registration; Petrina will discuss your tuition payment and link for payments.
Refund Policy: No monetary refunds will be provided. Participants are responsible for payment of the full fee for the process even if a weekly group is missed, as tuition is for the course rather than individual weeks or sessions.
I have read the tuition and refund policies above and agree to this financial investment in myself. *
By signing this form you are indicating that you understand and agree with our policies and look forward to your own healing and transformational work.  You will be taken to the Pay Pal Payment Site for tuition payment if using credit card.

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