Program Survey (2023-2024)

DIRECTIONS: We want to know what you think about your YES program! This survey is an important way to let YES know if you like the program. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a test! You will not be graded and no one will know how you answer the questions.)
Please read each sentence and click the box for your answer. If you are not sure what something means or you need help, please ask an adult in your program.
1. I think the adults in my program are good role models for me.
2. The adults in my program care about me.
3. I feel safe during my program.
4. I feel more confident now than when I started the program.
5. I can be myself at YES and feel like I belong.
6. I learned that I can do difficult things because of this program.
7. I can get back up after I get knocked down!
8. Adults in my YES program encourage me to try my best when I am there. They remind me to also try my best in school and at home.
9. I am better at the sport or activities in my program now than when I started. I feel healthier, stronger, and faster!
10. I would rather be doing something active outdoors than indoors playing on my phone, tablet, or computer.
11. I would like to do this program again.

Additional Questions for Leadership Corps

I understand what Dante expects of me in the shop.
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