Please provide contact information in case of COVID-19 exposure. We only need information for one person per household. If we learn you may have been exposed to COVID-19 during your visit, we will contact you. Your information will not be shared or used for other purposes.


Pre-Screening Symptom Check

*Fever? *
*New loss of taste or smell? *
*Fatigue/Muscle or body aches *
*Congestion or runny nose? *
*Nausea/vomiting/Diarrhea? *
*Cough? *
*Sore throat? *
*Shortness of Breath? *
*Close Contact or cared for someone w/ Covid-19? *
Have you been told to isolate by a doctor or are you a contact tracer? *
Are you currently awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test that is not part of routine surveillance testing? *
You selected "Yes" to one of the above questions. Is this correct? If this is incorrect, please make the correct changes and this question will be removed. *
You selected "Yes" for one of the previous questions. You/your child(ren) will need to stay home from programming today.