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MNAFEE Membership Dues 2020

2020 MNAFEE Membership...  
There is no better time to renew your MNAFEE membership for 2020!  If you want to.....

  • Support the vision that all families will have access to high quality parent education and family support
  • Provide a voice for family and early childhood professionals at local and state levels of governance
  • Foster networking and communication among professionals
  • Attend the spring MNAFEE Family and Early Education Conference at a reduced membership rate 
  • Participate in informative regional trainings at a reduced membership rate
  • Find out about employment opportunities in the field
  • Get connected with your MNAFEE Regional Networking Group (Map, Directory)
MNAFEE provides this and much more. Renew now and your membership will be good until December 31, 2020.

Membership Information

Individual Membership

  • Individual Member Annual Dues - $60
  • Student Member Annual Dues - $30
  • Retired Member Annual Dues - $30

Individual Membership Information

Individual Membership Fee

Individual Membership Contact Information

District Membership Information

District Membership Fees

District 0–4 Census*         Cost          Number of Professional Memberships
0–200                                  Free                                         1
201–750                              $150                                        2
751–2,500                           $350                                        3
2,501–5,000                        $750                                        5

5,001–10,000                    $1,000                                       7
10,001–20,000                  $1,100                                      10
20,001–30,000                  $1,200                                      15

For an unlimited number of memberships, add $150 to cost.
*Not sure of the size of your district’s 0–4 census? Visit our website for detailed instructions or you can find that number on your ECFE Aid Entitlement Report.
District Membership Fee 🛈


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MNAFEE is a professional organization for administrators, providers and supporters of high quality family and early childhood education for all families with young children throughout Minnesota.