Boy Scout Troop 1292 Additional Documentation for Trailer Towing

By completing this form you are volunteering to tow an equipment trailer for Huntington Woods Boy Scout Troop 1292. You agree to the following terms:
1) I have completed the Voluteer Driver Form.
2) I am comfortable towing a trailer behind my vehicle.
3) I have a trailer hitch rated at Class II, III, or IV.
4) My vehicle's insurance policy coverage meets the Troop's minimum requirements:
    - $50,000/person
    - $100,000/accident
    - $50,000/property
5) I understand that while towing a trailer, I will:
    - Ensure safety chains are properly attached to the tow vehicle.
    - Ensure all trailer lights are fully functional - running lights, brake lights, & turn signals.
    - Maintain proper tire pressures on both the tow vehicle and trailer.
    - Abide by all driving laws.
    - Maintain a safe stopping distance, anticipate stops, and brake gradually.
    - Avoid sudden manuevers that could result in a loss of vehicle control.
    - Reduce speed during poor weather or windy conditions.
    - Refrain from texting or talking on cell phones while driving.
You will be asked to submit an updated form annually with a copy of your insurance.

Specs for American Hauler Night Hawk 6'x10' single axle wedge front trailer:
- 14' 3" long x 7' 11" wide x 7' 3" high
- 2720 lbs gross vehicle weight (excluding food & personal gear) as of 11/13/13
- 2" hitch ball at 17" height
- 4-pin flat trailer light connector
- No trailer brakes
- ST205/75D15 bias-ply tires
Please submit multiple forms for additional vehicles.
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