TenderHeart Rescue
Great Pyrenees Questionnaire
Everyone loves a Great Pyrenees when they see them, big or small. The puppies are beautiful bundles of fur that turn into huge dogs with lots of hair. Great Pyrenees are not the breed for everyone. Too many times they are left to fend for themselves or put outside because people did not realize or look forward enough to think about the full-size Pyr. We have them as big as 160lbs. You MUST be familiar with this breed in order to adopt from TenderHeart Rescue. If you are not familiar you MUST do your homework. These gentle giants will not be adopted out to just anyone wanting a beautiful dog. You must know about the breed and truly want one knowing what they are like. Please complete the questionnaire below and while doing so, really think if a Great Pyrenees is the correct dog for you, your home, your lifestyle, etc. 
Do you have at least 5'-6' secure fencing? *
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