Full Time School Application Form

The Sylvia Young Theatre School is a specialist performing arts school offering a high level of academic and vocational studies.
All applicants will be invited to audition where they will be asked to prepare;
• two short acting pieces (provided by SYTS on your automated confirmation email)
• a song of applicant's choice
• a dance of applicant's choice
Applicants will sit an academic test in maths and English
To complete the application form you will need to upload;
• a photograph of you child
• your child's most recent full academic school report
• your child's birth certificate (original must be brought with you on your audition day)
• your child's passport

Applicant Information

Applicant's gender *
Has the applicant ever applied/auditioned for SYTS before? *
Does your child require a CAS number to study in the UK?
(Not required if your child has a British passport)
Does your child require a boarding place with a host family?
Boarding is very limited and ONLY for applicants entering school Year 7 and above)
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Parent/Guardian Information

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   Legal guardianship
I confirm I have parental responsibility for my child *

Applicant's school history

Please give details of your child's school education listing current school at the top.

If your child is currently attending an independent school that is a member of the ISC, then the ISC code of conduct requires that we make contact with the headteacher. The ISC also supplies records showing whether fees have been paid at previous schools. We will only make contact with the headteacher prior to confirming the offer of a place.
 Date from (mm/yy)Date to (mm/yy)Name of schoolState or Independent
   Current school details
May we make contact with your child's present headteacher? *
If YES then please complete the deatils below.
   Educational Needs
Please answer the following quesitions. Does you child have or receive;
Additional educational needs? *
Additional support in school? *
Educational pyschologist report? *
Individual eudcation plan? *
Disability or other condition? *
Statement of educational need? *
Will the applicant require additional time in their academic test? *
Will the applicant require use of a laptop for the academic test? *

Medical Information

Does your child have a medical condition
which we should be made aware?:
Does your child take regular medication?: *

Vocational Information

Vocational schools or classes attended
 Name of schoolClasses attended
Please list the most recent vocational examinations taken with the grades or levels attained:
 SubjectExamination board (RAD, ISTD, LAMDA etc)Grade/standard attained

Application fee

In applying for the Sylvia Young Theatre School you understand that a place will only be offered if the following conditions are fulfilled;
1. There is a place in the school year group for which your child is auditioning.
2. Your child is able to achieve academically on a three day academic timetable.
3. Full time students are automatically represented by the Sylvia Young Agency Ltd. which is closely associated with the school. Auditions and professional opportunities are not guaranteed.
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I have read and understood the conditions *
Application fee *

Applicant's audition form

Parent/guardian to complete
Gender *
Education *
Does your child require boarding? *
Has your child auditioned for us before? *
Audition equipment required
 Sheet MusicMobile/IpodTablet/USBC.D
Equipment needed for audition