Please review this list of qualifications.  This list is to be used to identify employee qualification standards for employment in positions that require contact with adults and children receiving services from our clients.  This is not a complete listing of all qualification standards but rather a listing of those most critical.  If an offer of employment is made to you, these qualification standards will be checked through the State Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, local District Court records, Department of Criminal Apprehension, Department of Human Services, county Social Services agencies, and local Police Departments.  Any of these standards, as well as other employment requirements, may be be disqualification for that employment offer.

1)  Willingness to disclose your arrest, conviction, and criminal history.

2)  Conviction of, or awaiting trial for, commission of any of the following crimes:

  • Possession, use, sale, manufacturing, and/or distribution of illegal drugs and simulated illegal drugs (M.S. sections 152.09, 152.096, 152.097

  • Murder, manslaughter, aiding a person in a suicide or attempted suicide (M.S. sections 609.185 to 609.215)

  • Assault, harm caused by a dog, mistreatment of persons confined, mistreatment of residents or patients, use of drugs to injure or facilitate crime, robbery kidnapping, false imprisonment, depriving another or custodial or parental rights or abduction (M.S. sections 609.221 to 609.265)

  • Coercion, attempt to coerce, interfering with religious observance, bestiality, sodomy, leaving the state to evade establishment of paternity, prostitution and related offenses, or certain criminal sexual conduct (M.S. 609.27 to 609.345)

  • Incest, malicious punishment of a child or neglect of a child (M.S. sections 609.365, 609.377, 609.59)

  • Theft, possession of shoplifting gear, bringing stolen goods into the state or receiving stolen property, embezzlement of public funds, or rustling and livestock theft (M.S. sections 609.52, 609.521, 609.225, 609.53, 609.54, 609.551, 609.821)

  • Arson, burglary, or possession of burglary tools (M.S. sections 609.561 to 609.563, 609.582, 609.59)

  • Forgery or aggravated forgery (M.S. sections 609.6872, 609.71, 609.713)

  • Incident exposure or use of minors in a sexual performance (M.S. 617.23, 617.246)

3)  Subject of an investigation for or admission to abusing or neglecting an adult or child (M.S. section 260.221, paragraph b)

4)  Involuntary termination of your parental rights within the last five (5) years (M.S. section 261.221, paragraph b)

5)  Abuse of prescription drugs

6)  Use of controlled substances (M.S. Chapter 152)

7)  Abuse of alcohol

I have read and understand the Direct Care Qualification Standards and wish to continue the employment application process. *
Staffing, Training, and Alternative Resources, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.