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Policies, Procedures, and Forms Customization

Thank you for your interest in STAR Services' Policies, Procedures, and Forms. Customization starts with an appointment with a consultant to discuss the tailoring of policies, procedures, and forms for your organization, including the 245D requirements and services being provided. 
Pricing for Full Sets of Policies, Procedures, and Forms
• 245D Intensive (Residential, Day, or Community-Based) Policies, Procedures, and Forms - $870.00
• 245D Basic Policies, Procedures, and Forms - $770.00
Deposit Due Now: $250.00
Balance due prior to the release of documents
Upon successful payment of the deposit, you will be automatically directed to our Bookings site to schedule your customization appointment. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is a deposit for Policies, Procedures, and Forms (PPFs). This is only for people that are ready to purchase PPFs. This deposit is non-refundable. If you are not ready to purchase and just want to learn more, exit out of this page and book a consulting appointment
Your booking confirmation will include a link to complete a letter of engagement for consulting services. Please fill out this information prior to your appointment.
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