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Policies, Procedures, and Forms Customization

Thank you for your interest in STAR Services' Policies, Procedures, and Forms. Customization starts with an appointment with a consultant to discuss the tailoring of policies, procedures, and forms for your organization, including the 245D requirements and services being provided. 
Pricing for Full Sets of Policies, Procedures, and Forms
• 245D Intensive (Residential, Day, or Community-Based) Policies, Procedures, and Forms - $870.00
• 245D Basic Policies, Procedures, and Forms - $770.00
Deposit Due Now: $250.00
Balance due prior to the release of documents
Upon successful payment of the deposit, you will be automatically directed to our Bookings site to schedule your customization appointment. 
Your booking confirmation will include a link to complete a letter of engagement for consulting services. Please fill out this information prior to your appointment.
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