Finally, an agency ranking that goes outside advertising to shine the spotlight on the rest of the marketing mix.

From the editors of Chief Marketer comes the first comprehensive ranking of the top non-advertising agencies—The Chief Marketer 200, the first-ever list of the best U.S. engagement and activation agencies across more than 40 categories, specialties and client categories. Whether you’re a consumer agency or a B2B shop, experiential or digital, design or content… this fall we’ll unveil the most comprehensive agency ranking of its kind.

THIS IS AN EDITORIAL PROPERTY AND THERE IS NO FEE TO ENTER. Thousands of U.S. agencies are expected to apply. Only 200 will make the list. And more than one million client-side marketers will see, view and use the list—extra motivation for you to enter.

The Chief Marketer 200 was designed as a new agency ranking for a new agency landscape. Companies first enter a primary agency category (consumer, B2B, digital, design, etc.) and then proceed to add dozens of specializations (experiential, lead-gen, direct, shopper) to their application. It will all roll up into a first-of-its kind agency ranking that truly shows off broad categories and niche specialties. We’re even including special editorial lists and rosters such as Best Small Agencies, Best Independents, Agencies to Watch and Most Creative Agencies.

Our rigorous selection process will assess the relative strengths of all the agencies and will provide CMOs and marketers with the kind of information they need to find the best partners for their brands. Advertising agencies are not eligible to apply.

What are we looking for? A high ratio of work should be done exclusively within the category in which the application is submitted. The strategic value of the agency should be supported by client testimonials, case study submissions, awards and published editorial coverage. The work should be high caliber and there should be a consistency of quality work across programs and client roster.
 The creative should be killer. The work: always innovative. Ideas should be fresh, bold and moving the industry forward.
 And the agency should have or should be actively earning a reputation as a thought leader in their craft, and as a representative of the best of the industry. 

Fact: Advertising doesn’t drive the rest of the marketing mix anymore. Non-advertising spending is on the rise because it speaks to the wants and needs of today’s consumers and B2B customers.

Start your application today—the 2018 Chief Marketer 200.

A few important notes before you get started:

  • This is an editorial property—THERE IS NO CHARGE to be included in the Chief Marketer 200. And we’re not looking for your financials. The goal is to showcase the top agencies—who they are and what they do. Based on your input we will present clear and useful data to our audience of more than one million marketers, and they can get in touch with you for more information.
  • Who qualifies: Marketing agencies with a high percentage of non-advertising work (at least 85% of gross billings) that serve the strategic needs of brand-side clients.
  • Who doesn’t qualify: Suppliers, builders, software platforms or technology providers, and agencies that do not work directly with brand-side clients.
  • Selection Criteria: Chief Marketer’s editorial staff will review and rank every application based on a mix of the following criteria: A high ratio of agency work (at least 85%) should be done exclusively within the category in which the application is submitted.

  • Entry Format: All information must be typed into this web page. All data is encrypted and will not be shared outside our editorial team. Once you complete the submission, please confirm that you’ve completed it with Chief Marketer Senior Editor Patty Odell, Submissions will only be accepted in this format.

  • Important: All questions must be answered in full. Incomplete applications will be automatically deleted.

If you have any questions, please call Chief Marketer Senior Editor Patty Odell at 203-899-8442 or email her at

Note that you can save your work as you go along and come back to this application to finish.

Part 1: The Basics

RFP Contact:

Estimated 2017 Client Billings % Breakdown:

Estimated 2017 Revenue % Breakdown:

Part 2: The Capabilities

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU START: Responses that go over the word count limits will disqualify your application.

0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words

List five clients that you worked with during in 2016 and 2017. Please name the client that directly paid your agency, even if it was another agency. Please list actual client company not the specific brand you worked on. As an example, list General Motors over Chevrolet and Procter & Gamble over Pantene. Note: This client list will be published. Please do not include any client names that should not be made public.

0/500 words
0/500 words

Provide three case studies that best illustrate why your agency is a Top 200 Marketing Agency. List the client, the specific objective, the program that you created and executed and what the results were (be specific). A high-res (500 dpi, 1 MB or higher) image for each is required. Limit 600 words per case study. Note that all case studies must be from programs launched after January 1, 2016. Note: Information provided may be used in Chief Marketer 200 editorial coverage.

0/600 words

0/600 words

0/600 words

Provide three photos that best illustrate your agency’s unique culture, people, office, happenings and personality. Please upload each image with a caption. The choice is yours—show us your agency’s dog, your people working, a company outing, your CEO relaxing, etc. High-res (300 dpi, 1 MB or higher) image for each required.

Main Agency Type: Please select one overarching category for your agency: *

Niche Specialty: Please select one specialty to describe your agency's main focus: *

Do you have a specialty with a specific client category? Please select only one: *

Please list three clients in the specific category you have selected above:

Please select up to three special "Spotlight' categories you would like to be considered for: *

Part 3: Client References

Please list five clients as references. Note: Assume CM editors will call or email these references about you. Include name, title, company, phone and email. This is required information for all Chief Marketer 200 entries, but CM will not publish clients’ contact information nor retain their information.

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

Reference 3:

Reference 4:

Reference 5:

Part 4: MARKETING UPGRADES - There is absolutely no charge to enter the Chief Marketer 200

However, if you would like to hyperlink your agency's URL and RFP contact's email address (clients will click on your website address and jump right to your website and RFP contact’s email without having to open a new browser window) for one year online at, there is a charge of $195 per month billed annually for your live hotlink. More than a million clients will engage The Chief Marketer 200—to put them one click away from your website, enter your credit card information below and we will email you a receipt.

Obviously you will only be charged if you make the list. We’ll email you a receipt for your purchase when your card is charged. This is a secure data-collection, your information is safe and all credit card data is encrypted (and later destroyed) upon your submission.
American Express

Part 5: Senior Leadership Verification and Reference

Note: By completing this section, you certify that the information you’re providing to Chief Marketer is 100 percent true and accurate. You also acknowledge that CM reporters may call your senior leadership for follow-up, interviews and fact-checking—as well as some calls about the agency culture and people.


President if different from CEO:

Head of HR:

Head of Operations/Production

Head of Technology/Digital:

Head of Strategy:

Head of Creative/Design:

Part 6: Editorial, Marketing and Speaking Contacts

Chief Marketer’s staff is updating our contacts and the Chief Marketer 200 application is an easy way for us to make sure we are contacting the right people for the right reasons.

EDITORIAL. Please provide a contact for us to use for ongoing reporting, features and roundtable invites:

Chief Marketer is assembling many of the CM200 agencies for editorial roundtables in 2018. Who at your agency would be the perfect person to invite to one of our Trends & Innovation editorial roundtables?

MARKETING. Please let us know who on your team is the best person to field marketing opportunities from our team.

SPEAKING INVITES. Please let us know who we should contact regarding inviting people from your team to present at Chief Marketer roundtables and conferences.

Want to Save Your Work? (optional)
If you’d like to come back to your Chief Marketer 200 app before submitting, just CLICK HERE to set up (or return to) your free account. Also, we suggest that you print out a copy of your entry before submitting for your own files.
If you have any questions related to the questions on the application and answering them, please contact Patty Odell at

If you have questions related to the online entry form or technical questions related to entering, uploads, etc., contact John Gibb at