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The 2018 It List
Deadline: Thursday, May 10, 2018
Note: Submissions should NOT include confidential information.
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Event Marketer's 2018 Event Agency It List

From the magazine for creators of the brand experience comes the 16th annual Event Agency It List, the world’s only editorial listing devoted to event agencies.

The June/July issue of everybody’s favorite trade magazine once again will list the top event agencies, large and small, painting a quick picture of each one’s core competencies and recent campaigns. EM will then gather intelligence from agency execs and clients, we’ll review the case studies you submit and will mesh the data into a special report that brand marketers can use when selecting agencies to hire.
A few important notes:
• This is an editorial feature—THERE IS NO CHARGE to be included in the It List. And we’re not looking for your financials. The goal is to showcase the top agencies—who they are and what they do. Based on your input we will present clear and useful data to our 10,000 client-side readers, and they can get in touch with you for more information.
• Deadline for submissions: Thursday, May 10, 2018. Due to printing schedules, NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted.
• Eligibility: The It List is for agencies that create and execute event programs. Consultancies, think tanks, suppliers, builders and field staffing companies are not listed. Event Marketer reserves the right to refuse inclusion to any entrant and we shut out many an agency each year. If you’re not 100 percent about events, this ain’t the list for you. Please assume we WILL be contacting your client references to discuss your agency.
• Selection Criteria: Each year we receive hundreds of applications, many more than we can include in the It List. To determine the final 100, Event Marketer’s editorial staff will review and rank every application. Our criteria includes a look at:
  1. The experiential ratio. A high/total percentage of agency work is done exclusively on events.
  2. The backup. The strategic value of the agency is supported by client testimonials, case study submissions, awards and published editorial coverage, content, blogs, social media posts and videos.
  3. Quality. There’s a high caliber or quality and consistency of execution across programs.
  4. Creativity. The creative is killer. The work is innovative. Ideas are fresh, bold and moving the industry forward.
  5. Reputation. The agency has or is earning a reputation as a thought leader in events and experiential marketing, and sets a bar across all marketing disciplines as representative of the best of the industry.
• Entry Format: All information must be typed into this web page. All data is encrypted and will not be shared beyond our editorial team. Once you complete the submission, please confirm that you’ve completed it with RBoucher@accessintel.com. Submissions will only be accepted in this format.
• Important: All questions must be answered in full. Incomplete applications will be automatically deleted. 
If you have any questions related to the online entry or technical questions relating to entering, uploading, etc., contact Maria Flores at MFlores@accessintel.com.

Part 1: The Basics

RFP Contact:

2017 Revenue Split:

2018 Client Split:

Part 2: The Capabilities

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU START: Responses that go over the word count limits will disqualify your application.

0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words
0/250 words

List five clients that you worked with during Q1 2017 through Q1 2018. Please name the client that directly paid your agency, even if it was another agency. Please list actual client company not the specific brand you worked on. As an example, list General Motors over Chevrolet and Procter & Gamble over Pantene.

0/500 words
0/500 words

Provide three case studies that best illustrate why your agency is a top 100 agency. List the client, the specific objective, the program that you created and executed and what the results were (be specific). High-res (300 dpi, 1 MB or higher) image for each required. Limit 300 words per case study. Note that all case studies must be from programs launched after January 1, 2017.
Note: Please do not include confidential information.
0/300 words

0/300 words

0/300 words

Please rank your top three core agency offerings below, from the largest piece (ranked 1) of your annual revenue to the third-largest (ranked 3). Tip: Your selections should NOT reflect what you can offer, but what you do offer and have executed. We’ll confirm with your shop and clients. Remember, if we had a list of 125 agencies all saying they specialized in everything, clients would get no value from the list. Even full-service agencies have specialties. If you pick more than three offerings, we will have to exclude your agency*

Part 3: Client References

Please list five clients as references, so EM editors can call or email for a quote about you. Include name, title, company, phone and email. This is required information for all It List entries; but EM will not publish clients’ contact information in the magazine. Note that you should assume we WILL CALL these references and tell your clients.

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

Reference 3:

Reference 4:

Reference 5:

Part 4: Optional Online “Auto Click-Through” to Your Homepage and RFP Contact’s Email

For 16 years, there has been absolutely no charge to enter the Event Agency It List.

However, if you would like to hyperlink your agency's URL and RFP contact's email address (as in, clients will click on your website address and jump right to your website and RFP contact’s email without having to open a new browser window) for one year in the online version of the It List at eventmarketer.com, there is a charge of $195 per month billed annually for your live hotlink. To put potential clients one click away from your website, enter your credit card information below and we will email you a receipt.

65,000 unique client-side marketers and 5,200 procurement managers entered the online It List in the last 12 months, resulting in clicks on a total of 247,961 agency hotlinks. Note that last year more than 72 of the top 100 agencies activated their digital link.

Obviously you will only be charged if you make the Top 100 It List. We’ll email you a receipt for your purchase when your card is charged. This is a secure data-collection and your information is safe and private.
American Express

Part 5: Senior Leadership Verification and Reference

Note: By completing this section, you certify that the information you’re providing to Event Marketer is 100 percent true and accurate. You also acknowledge that EM reporters may call your senior leadership for follow-up, interviews and fact-checking—as well as some calls about the agency culture and people.


President if different from CEO:

Head of HR:

Head of Operations/Production/Logistics/Field Staff:

Head of Technology/Digital:

Head of Measurement/Metrics:

Head of Creative/Design:

Part 6: Optional: It List Activation Support

If you would like to amplify your It List recognition across the entire industry, we are offering four types of marketing support programs to run in the June/July issue of Event Marketer within the It List cover section and online at eventmarketer.com. Activations include a Featured Case Study, an Agency Roundtable, An Executive Q&A and Sponsored Editorial Contribution. Please fill out the below and we will contact your team.

Part 7: Editorial, Marketing and Speaking Contacts

Event Marketer’s staff is updating our contacts and the It List application is an easy way for us to make sure we are contacting the right people for the right reasons.

EDITORIAL. Please provide a contact for us to use for ongoing reporting, features and roundtable invites:

MARKETING. Please let us know who on your team is the best person to field marketing opportunities from our team.

SPEAKING INVITES. Please let us know who we should contact regarding inviting people from your team to present at the Experiential Marketing Summit and EventTech in 2018 and 2019.

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If you have any questions related to the questions on the application and answering them, please contact Rachel Boucher at RBoucher@accessintel.com.

If you have questions related to the online entry form or technical questions related to entering, uploads, etc., contact Maria Flores at MFlores@accessintel.com.