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NBS Live Online can only be used by the purchasing student/doctor. After payment has been received & processed, you may utilize up to ‘2’ devices including but not limited to a PC, MAC or mobile device. COPYING of any of the NBS online material is strictly forbidden without the express permission of National Board Specialists, Inc.
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6. After 10 minutes of not providing any input to your device or inactivity you will automatically be logged off the site so that the system can keep an accurate track of your hours. Wiggle your mouse every 10-minutes to avoid auto log-off.
7. If you have not utilized our program for 45 days, you will be deactivated.  If you want ‘back-on’, please contact Jolene - she will look up your time used & determine if you have any left. It can take up to 48-hours for this process to occur. 

We appreciate all of our students & doctors and want you to be successful on your test(s). We will only exercise the penalties outlined in this agreement if needed - Thank You!
Many hours of preparation, research & peer reviewed materials have been included in your online program. We are sure you will be extremely pleased with your online program; however, there is no refund.

Computer Requirements

Our nbsliveonline program has been designed to be compatible with most computers.  You need to have at least a PC or MAC that has sound support, & is virus & malware free.  You will want to have an active antivirus, Internet Explorer (Version 9 or better), or Google Chrome & or Firefox (both recently updated).  Regarding Safari on MAC, if you are using MAC OSX version, make sure you have “Lion” or better.  Also our video playback will require that you have either the latest version of Flash running or use a browser with native HTML5 support (most of the browsers previously mentioned will be supported).  Most portable phones, tablets & devices should work, although we don’t advise using them as compatibility & support varies GREATLY.

If you have any computer trouble relating to the use or function of the website, video playback or general questions please contact us. We are more than happy to help you out!  If the root of the issue is a virus, malware, configuration or system problems, we will be happy to work with you on a fix at additional cost (Technical support will be via Tekexperts).  

If you have any computer trouble, please contact us.  We are at your service (will get back to you within 48 hours) Email us at - as well as