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You are receiving this recommendation form because a former or current student of yours applied to become a peer tutor in the Learning Resource Center. Please answer the questions below, and thank you for your support of the LRC Peer Tutoring Program.

If you are not comfortable recommending this student as a peer tutor, please do not complete this referral form. Instead, contact either Evelyn Rojas at evelyn.rojas@sjcc.edu. (English/writing) OR Peiman Gheibi at peiman.gheibi@sjcc.edu (Math, Science, and all other subjects)

What is the Peer Tutors Program?

The Learning Resource Center's (LRC) Peer Tutoring Program provides one-on-one tutoring for students in a variety of subject areas throughout the semester, either during scheduled appointments or on a drop­-in basis. Tutoring sessions take place in the Reading and Writing area or Math and Science area of the LRC. Once tutors are accepted into the program,  they are trained using College Reading & Writing Association tutoring methods (CRLA) in a semester-length online SJCC course, LS 90.  Tutors also receive the support of a team of instructors, program coordinators, and other peer tutors throughout the semester.


Instructor Information

Student Information

Qualifications & Expectations for LRC Peer Tutors

-Responsible adult with integrity & personal initiative
-Superior skills in the course subject (grade of 'A' or 'B')
-Proven dependability, including prompt attendance for training and scheduled work assignments
-Strong communication skills, including listening
-Enthusiasm for helping other students
-Willingness to learn and think critically
-Sensitivity to the diverse culture and learning styles of SJCC’s student population

Recommendation Questions

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Thanks for your cooperation.
You will receive an email confirmation upon submission of this form. 
Do you have questions? 
For inquiries about  writing tutor recommendations, contact:
Evelyn Rojas
Reading & Writing Area Program Coordinator
For inquiries about all other subject tutor recommendations, contact:
Peiman Gheibi
Tutoring Center Coordinator, Math, Science, Technology Area
408-298-2181 Ext. 3559

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