SJCC’s Guided Pathways Workgroup Signup

To accomplish this Work Plan, SJCC has committed to 3 of the 14 elements of the Guided Pathways framework during phase one (spring 2018 – summer 2019): CROSS FUNCTIONAL INQUIRY, INTERSEGMENTAL ALIGNMENT, and IMPROVED BASIC SKILLS. Based on your knowledge, expertise, and experience, you are invited to serve on one of three Guided Pathways Workgroups.
College constituents (including staff, faculty across disciplines and counselors, administrators, and students) examine research and local data on student success and discuss overarching strategies to improve student success. College engages in broad, deep and inclusive discussion and inquiry about the Guided Pathways approach, framework and evidence.
College engages in systematic coordination with K-12, four-year institutions and industry partners to inform program requirements.
College is implementing evidence-based practices to increase access and success in college and/or transfer-level math and English.

Complete the form to sign up for a workgroup. You will select and rank your workgroup preference from the three priority areas. Upon attendance of an orientation, you’re placement will be determined with your first choice in mind.

You will receive and email verification and receipt at the email address you provided. Please be sure to check your CLUTTER BOX or JUNK BOX if you do not find it in your INBOX. Thank you.
FOR STUDENTS ONLY (including student employees): Select your academic goal (Certificate, Associate Degree, Transfer) and area of study (e.g., Ironworkers program, CIS, English major, Biology, Ethnic Studies, Early Childhood Ed, etc.)
Which work group or groups would you like to serve on? If more than one, rank your top choice (1), second choice (2), or third choice (3). * 🛈
Select a 20-MINUTE orientation. All group members are expected to attend. If you would like to serve but cannot attend, select "none". Provide a day and block of time that works for you. We will try to accommodate you. *
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Visit 3: Transition from Planning to Implementation
Service: Attitude, Agency, and Intensive Implementation (A2I2) Cohort
Facilitator: Rob Johnstone of National Center of Inquiry & Improvement (NCII)

Why A2I2?
SJCC has received a grant which includes NCII’s service Attitude, Agency, and Intensive Implementation (A2I2) Cohort. Over two years, A2I2 Cohort participants engage in deep-dive work on implementing guided pathways and student financial stability reforms, all with the goal of helping more students attain their academic and life goals. The A2I2 Cohort is not a train-the-trainers model. NCII conducts intensive on-site work with leadership, faculty, and staff. Services and support throughout the two years include six site visits as well as ongoing support between the visits. The A2I2 Cohort helps colleges build on their existing efforts and make institutional change at scale so all students have a genuine opportunity to succeed. A2I2 colleges also form a learning community that helps member colleges reshape their institutions to improve their completion rates.

What will be the focus of the session on June 15 with Rob Johnstone (Visit 3: Transition from Planning to Implementation)?
The college develops action plans for Year 2 and beyond. Faculty and staff explore key guided pathways questions from Guided Pathways Demystified I and II, and they use the college’s financial stability self-assessment to identify areas of improvement and develop specific actions to serve low-income students. *