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Election time is here.
One of the most important things anyone can do at this time is to volunteer in the campaign of a candidate that represents their values -- whether near them, or even on the other side of the nation!
Please indicate how you would like to be involved and we will communicate with you accordingly.
Training, mentorship (where needed) and support will be provided to those who incidate here that they would like to volunteer.

Local Volunteering

National Volunteering

One of the most important things you can do at election time is to volunteer for a person who reflects your values and is in a tight race.
In these races, it is often a couple of volunteers that determines who wins, and who loses.
Sometimes this person will not be in your riding and, in fact, they may even be on the other side of the nation.
If you would like to help in one of these critical swing ridings please choose "yes" in this next question.

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In order to help you get rolling, we will need to communicate with you by phone or email. Please grant permission by checking this box: *
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