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In recent months, Premier Blaine Higgs (NB), Premier Heather Stefanson (MB) and Min. Duncan (SK) have all taken strong stands for parental involvement in their children's lives.
Premier Higgs (NB) by bringing forth amendments to Policy 713. The amendment required parental consent for a child under 16 to change their name or gender at school.
Premier Stefanson (MB) committed to enshrining the following parental rights in the province’s Public Schools Act.

● The right to be involved in addressing bullying and other behaviour changes

● The right to be informed about curriculum

● The right to advance notice before any presentations are made in school from outside the school system

● The right to consent before any image of the child is made, shared or stored


Minister Duncan (SK) announced that going forward, schools must now seek the permission of parents or guardians before allowing students under the age of 16 to change what the province refers to as their "preferred" name and pronouns.  The new Minister of Education, the Hon. Jeremy Cockrill, is following this same position.


Minister Lecce (ON) said, “...often there are health implications, and I think we have to respect the rights of parents and recognize that these can be life-changing decisions, and I think parents want to be involved so that they can support their kids. And I think that's a really important principle that we must uphold.”



(Notice: On August 20th, this petition expanded to support all elected officials taking active steps in support of parents desired to be informed on what is happening with their children at school.  If you signed this petition before the expansion and would like your name removed, email is a grassroots movement being administratively served by 4 My Canada, a nationally incorporated non-profit that does not give tax receipts. By signing this petition, I am giving 4 MY Canada permission to communicate updates with me.
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