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Welcome to the world of COVID-19. The Festival Committee is working on the premise that everyone is working together to make the planet a safe place again. To that end we are continuing with the regular scheduling and timeline of the Festival.

In the past the Festival has been able to pay a small donation towards the costs of the Performers. While the Festival Committee will attempt to continue this tradition, currently we don’t expect that we will be able to make Performer Payments in 2021.

Performer Expression of Interest for The Twelfth Annual Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival Closing Date: 31st August 2020 or earlier if spots are filled.

Give us more information about your act:

Your intitial application is an Expression of Interest only. We will contact you when we have completed the selection process. If you are successful we will advise you and may request further information. If your application is unsuccessful please be aware that the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival will be running blackboard events, and we have many "session" friendly venues. We anticipate a large number of applications.
When selecting your songs please remember that The Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival is a 'Family Friendly' event, no inapropriate song lyrics are acceptable.
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