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NEW - IN STOCK! - Heroes In Our Midst: Volume 3
Heroes In our Midst:
- Volume 1: WWII American Airborne: Early Years, Training, Jump Wings, Parachutes, Jump Helmets, Paramarines
- Volume 2: Troop Carrier Command, Pathfinders, Glider Troops, The Jump Uniform
NEW! Volume 3: Uniforms & Insignia, Airborne Commands, Specific Insignia
NEW! Buy the Set!! Volumes 1, 2 and 3 together at a special price! ($190.85)
By  Ltc. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, assisted by Jake Powers
Military Consulting Services Provided By George A. Petersen, NCHS, Inc.

NEW! NOW IN STOCK! - Gauleiter: Volume 2 - The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and their Deputies, 1925-1945
By Michael D. Miller
NEW! IN STOCK! Flight Badges of the Allied Nations, 1914-1918: Volume 1
Flight Badges of the Allied Nations, 1914-1918: Volume 1
By Cdr. Robert S. Pandis USNR (Ret.)
NEW - July 2016 - The Helmet Decals of the Third Reich
By Ken Niewiarowicz with co-author Anders Lehrman
NEW - May 2016 - United States Marine Corps EAGLE, GLOBE, AND ANCHOR EMBLEM: 1868-1963
By Timothy F. Klie
NEW - Late March 2016 - Third Reich Reichsbahn Eagles
NEW - NOW Available - The Anti-Partisan Badge (B&D Books)
By Antonio Scapini
NEW - NOW Available - Awards of the Heer: Volume II (B&D Books)
By Diedrich Maerz/Bernd Hartmann
Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume 2
Reichsführer-SS - SS-Gruppenführer (Hans Haltermann to Walter Krüger)
By  Mike D. Williams with Andreas Schulz
Leaders of the SS & German Police, Volume I: Ahrens to Gutenberg
By Michael Miller
German Cross in Gold Series
by Mark C. Yerger
U.S. Army Soldiers and Their Chevrons
By  Ltc. William K. Emerson, U.S. Army
The Wehrpaß and Soldbuch of the Wehrmacht (B&D Books)
By  Antonin Scapini and Alberto Gorzanelli
War Badges of the Kriegsmarine
By Gordon Williamson
Equipping the Corps: Volume 1 - 1892-1937 - Webgear, Weapons, and Headgear
By Alec S. Tulkoff
The Civil War Uniforms of the United States Marine Corps
By Ltc. Charles H. Cureton, (USMCR) Ret. and David M. Sullivan
Uniforms, Organizations & History of the German Police, Volume II
By John R. Angolia and Hugh Page Taylor
The Service Daggers of the SS (B&D Books)
By Ralf Siegert with contributions by Ross Kelbaugh and Sven Georgi
The Memel Metal (B&D Books)
By A. Scapini
Camouflage Helmets of the Wehrmacht (B&D Books)
By Paul Martin
The Kriegsmarine Awards - 2 Volume Set
By Sascha Weber and Gerhard R. Skoros
Headgear of Hitler's Germany Volumes 3, 4 and 5
By Wilhelm PBR Saris, Roger Bender, Jill Halcomb Smith, Otto Spronk, and Stan Cook
Dressed For Duty - Volumes 1 and 2
By Jill Halcomb Smith
Leaders and Personalities of the Third Reich:
Their Biographies, Portraits and Autographs - Volumes 1 and 2
By Charles Hamilton
Flight Badges of the Central Powers 1914-1918 (Revised & Enlarged)
By Robert S. Pandis USN (Ret.)
Imperial German Navy/Central Powers Flight Badges: Volume 2
By Robert S. Pandis USN (Ret.)
Recent Find! - Military Pilot and Aircrew Badges of the World - Volume 1
By Don Chalif
Painted Steel: Steel Pots, Volume 2
By Chris Armold
River Patrol Insignia of the United States Navy (Vietnam) 1966-1972
By Scott Kraska and Stephen Kirby
Handbook of the Hitler-Jugend Bann Numbers and Gebiet Triangles
By Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris with Philippe Gillain and Jeff Hammond
The Iron Cross 1st Class (B&D Books)
By Dietrich Maerz and George Stimson
The German Cross (B&D Books)
By Deitrich Maerz
The Krim Shield (B&D Books)
By Sascha Weber
The Flak Badges Of The Luftwaffe and Heer (B&D Books)
By Mark Galasco
The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross  (B&D Books)
By Mark Galasco
The Infantry Assault Badge (B&D Books)
By Sascha Weber
The Glider Pilot Badge (B&D Books)
By Stijn David
The Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge (B&D Books)
By Sascha Weber
The War Merit Cross
By Gordon Williamson and Josef Charita
Aiguilettes of the Third Reich
By Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris
Defending the Reich
By David Littlejohn
Waffenrock: Parade Uniforms of the German Army
By Ltc. (ret.) Timothy J. Curley & Neil G. Stewart
For Germany: The Otto Skorzeny Memoirs
By Craig W.H. Luther, Ph.D. & Hugh Page Taylor
The Call of Duty - Second Edition
By Ltc. John E. Strandberg & Roger James Bender
Chariots of War
By Robert W. Hobson
Collectors Guide to SS and Political Cuffbands: Volume I 
By Ulric of England
Postcards of Hitlers Germany: Volumes I, II and III
By Roger James Bender
Wood & Canvas Heroes:
Awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross & Other Airmen Stories
By James W. Patrick
Russian Helmets - from Kaska to Stalshlyem 1916-2001
By Robert W. Clawson
US Silent Service
By David A. Jones
Hitler's Military Headquarters
By Aaron L. Johnson
LABOR Organizations of The Third Reich
By J. R. Angolia and David Littlejohn
Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Muller Volume 3
By Gregory Douglas
Muller Journals: The Washington Years - Vol.1
By Gregory Douglas
Forman's Guide to the Third Reich German Documents: Volume I and II
By Adrian Forman
German Military Timepieces of World War II: Volumes I, II and III
By Ulric of England
Collecting Third Reich Recordings
By The Ulric of England/Nigel Allison
The Military Advisor - Volume 1
Issues 2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 2
Issues 1,2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 3
Issues 2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 4
Issues 1,2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 5
The Military Advisor - Volume 6
Issues 1,2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 7
Issues 1,2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 8
Issues 1, 2 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 9
Issues 1,2, 3 and 4
The Military Advisor - Volume 10
The Military Advisor - Volume 11
The Military Advisor - Volume 12
The Military Advisor - Volume 13
The Military Advisor - Volume 14
The Military Advisor - Volume 15
The Military Advisor - Volume 16
The Military Advisor - Volume 17
The Military Advisor - Volume 18
The Military Advisor - Volume 19
The Military Advisor - Volume 20 - Our 20th Year!
The Military Advisor - Volume 21
The Military Advisor - Volume 22
The Military Advisor - Volume 23
The Military Advisor - Volume 24
The Military Advisor - Volume 25
The Military Advisor - Volume 26
The Military Advisor - Volume 27
The Military Advisor - Subscriptions, Five Packs and Collectors Packs

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