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When you fill out the application and click on Submit, we will send you the best possible offer by e-mail. The prices you see in addition to the size of the advertisement refer to advertising in one issue, and then you have discounts on longer publishing and payment in advance. All prices include making advertisements in accordance with your or our idea. You get one copy of the magazine for free while you publish the ad and the ad is published on our website and Facebook page. INFORMATION AND ARRANGEMENTS: Aleksandar Lončar +381-21 / 547-681

BONUS FOR 12 ADS: If you decide for 12 ads, you can publish free commercial news and PR articles about your company in each issue and you can publish professional articles for free, in agreement with the editor-in-chief. BONUS FOR PAYMENT ALL IN ADVANCE: If you decide for 12 ads (minimum half a page) and pay in advance, we will give you a complete database of bakers and / or millers from our address book and for 12 ads (minimum full page) and pay in advance, in addition to the database, we will organize once a month an email campaign sending your ad to all the emails of bakers / millers that we have in the Gmail database (about 2,000 addresses).


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