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National Organization of Forensic Social Work

Phone (608)561-2997, email: 

NOFSW Conference: June 14-16, 2022

Abstract submissions accepted through February 15, 2022

Social Justice and Unjust Systems: Strategies to Advance Structural Change

General Information:

Workshops, research, roundtables and poster presentations will be offered June 14-16, 2022.  

Preference will be given to submissions that highlight programs, policies and activities that present solutions (proven or in development) to current challenges faced by forensic social workers in their practice. 

Presenters and/or their organizations will be responsible for registering for the NOFSW annual conference (presenters are eligible to register at a discounted rate) and for any associated travel and hotel expenses, as well as all materials to deliver their presentations, and shipping and/or printing costs. Presenters will be provided projectors and screens, but must supply their own laptop computers to connect to projector.

Presenters will be expected to provide NOFSW with handout material (PowerPoint slides, poster, reference material, contact information, etc.) in electronic format no later than 5/23/2022.

If the presenter wishes to sell books, recordings, or other products/services at his/her presentation or at the conference, the presenter must request permission from NOFSW no later than 5/23/2022.



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