WELCOME to the final step in your registration for the Celebrate Fairfax! Karaoke Championship 2019.  This competition is free to all contestants and starts with weekly preliminary rounds in local venues leading up to venue finals, then semi-final and finals at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival Karaoke Championship Stage.  Please fill out the form below in its entirety.   Keep in mind that most of our contact with you will be in the form of email and/or text messages. RULES
Check back frequently on ACi website and ACi Facebook for updates and any changes as the contest continues.                       
For more information visit AssociatedConsultants.NET/contest     CelebrateFairfax.com     
By submitting this form I am agreeing to be a contestant and to follow the rules of the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival Karaoke Championship 2019 as posted in the rules at www.AssociatedConsultants.NET/contest In addition I hereby assign all rights to any video tape, photographs and or sound recordings made of me on this date and following dates leading up to and including the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival Karaoke Championship Wild Card, Semi-finals and Finals at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival, to the Producers, Associated Consultants, Inc (ACi), Celebrate Fairfax, Inc (CFI) and Fairfax Public Access (FPA) 571-749-1100, and give my permission to said Producers to reproduce, copyright, perform, exhibit and/or distribute without limitation. Associated Consultants has my permission to contact me via email and/or text without limitation.  I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, and all information I am submitting is correct.
Thank you for participating and GOOD LUCK!
 ACi Karaoke Competition Team-Pam, Anthony and Glenn
I have read and agree to all the rules of this competition. *

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