Custom List Build Request & Specifications

Fill in as completely as possible to expedite your pricing request and list delivery.

What Data Do You Need?

What Kind of Data Do You Need? *
 Total Build Quantity needed
# of Companies
# of Contacts

Company Data Parameters

Description - General description of kinds of companies you're targeting. This can be descriptive
and broad (e.g.,"financial advisory firms"), or specific, e.g., listing SIC codes. 
Cities, States? (Specific regions/ States/ cities you want to target.)

Contact Data Parameters

Will contact names be provided? (This is usually "no" unless project is for data validation/cleansing) *
Job levels (e.g., VP, Director, Manager)
Job function (e.g., IT, Customer Service, Finance)
Specialties / Roles / Keywords (e.g., 'software performance testing', 'contacts involved with spend management')
Sample Titles (e.g., 'Director of Customer Service')
Max contacts/Acct: What is the max upper limit for contacts to be captured in a given target company?
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