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St. Steve's Sodas
St. Steve's Cordials
Cordials are syrups made with fresh fruits, herbs, spices, and/or flowers to preserve seasonal flavors.  You can use them in drinks, desserts, and even on your favorite pancakes.  They come with a recipe booklet containing about 30 recipes!
We currently have three varieties:  Elderflower, Ginger, and Spiced Elderberry 

Pricing for Elderflower & Ginger:
    $8  187ml (6oz) glass bottle
    $12 375ml (12oz) glass bottle
Pricing for Spiced Elderberry
    $12  187ml (6oz) glass bottle
    $20 375ml (12oz) glass bottle

Cordials make great gifts!  Add on a gift box (either small or large) to give two bottles as a gift.  Each gift box is made from kraft (brown) cardboard, holds two bottles of cordial, and has our logo on the back, with "windows" on the front to show the cordial flavors.  There is enough room in the box to include the recipes and a small package of candied ginger or elderflower tea as well.
Other Good Stuff...

Candied Ginger -
Sugary ginger slices that have lots of punch!  Use in baked goods, drink garnishes, or just for snacking (be warned - they're addictive!)  Also a great way to take ginger with you.
Ground GingerGreat for holiday baking!
Tea GingerGinger pulp from our cordial process which has been dried.  Has a small amount of sugar and makes a spicy, slightly sweetened ginger tea (use with a tea ball or strainer).  2 oz container makes about 12 mugs of tea and 4 oz container makes about 25 mugs.

Elderflower Tea - choose from bulk tea (makes about 15 mugs, but you'll need a strainer or tea ball) or pre-packaged tea bags (6 quick and convenient tea bags).  These are dried flowers from our farm which you can steep to make your own elderflower tea without the added sugar of our coridals.  Sweeten as you wish or drink it unsweetened.
The Wizard of the March book is historical/science fiction set in Wales in the 1400s, and written by our own St. Steve!  Appropriate for 6th grade and up - enjoyed by adults, read-aloud for younger audiences too.  Check out his website here:
Women's Petite (slim-fit) T-shirts - $15 each
Unisex T-shirts - $15 each
Other cool stuff....
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