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- Moody's Peer Tutoring service is a free student service.  A tutor will be assigned within one week of your request. If there is a problem in finding an appropriate tutor, you will be contacted.

- Tutoring is an ongoing process. In order to benefit from Peer Tutoring, it is essential that you meet with your Peer Tutor on a consistent basis.

- If for any reason, you wish to terminate your Peer Tutoring, please notify the studentresourcecenter@moody.edu immediately so your Peer Tutor can be reassigned.

- Your tutor is only obligated to wait 15 minutes beyond your scheduled meeting time.  An accumulation of two no-shows may result in suspension of Peer Tutoring privileges for the rest of the semester.

- If your Peer Tutor does not show for a planned tutoring session, please contact the studentresourcecenter@moody.edu as soon as possible.

- Come prepared to all tutorial sessions with your textbook, notebook, syllabus, and any other relevant course materials as requested by the tutor.

- At the end of the semester, you will be asked to complete an evaluation of your Peer Tutor and the tutorial services.

Cancelation Policy
I agree to give my Peer Tutor 24 hour notice if I cannot attend a scheduled tutoring session.  If I do not, I understand I will be considered a "no-show" and could lose my tutoring privilidges after two (2) "no-shows."