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A student from your school has applied to attend the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS).

This form is to be completed by you, the Head of Mathematics at the applicant's school, on receipt of the Student Application Form and the applicant's Teacher Form. Your confidential response provides important summary school data.

Data Privacy Policy:

The data you provide for this NMSS Application will be treated with the same care as any data which is received by MAWA. Your application will be seen only by MAWA-appointed personnel and information may be shared with the Director of the NMSS.

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Please state the total number of Year 11 students in your school enrolled in each of the following courses (where applicable) and indicate the applicant's rank within that course cohort. *
 Cohort size.Applicant's rank.
Mathematics Specialist
Mathematics Methods
Mathematics Applications
Other Mathematics e.g. International Baccalaureate

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