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You have been nominated by a student to provide testimonial comment in support of their application to attend the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS).

This form is to be completed by you, the applicant's nominated current Teacher, on receipt of the Student Application Form submitted by the student. Your confidential response along with the student's application will be passed to your Head of Mathematics to collect summary school data.
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The data you provide for this NMSS Application will be treated with the same care as any data which is received by MAWA. Your application will be seen only by MAWA-appointed personnel and information may be shared with the Director of the NMSS.

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Please complete the following section carefully, as selection will depend largely on information given here. The most effective participants in past courses have been students with high intelligence, imaginative and creative minds, who have the ability to mix with others. These are not necessarily the students who perform best in examinations, and certainly not those students who can handle mathematical techniques but who lack the ability and/or interest to go into topics at greater depth than necessary for examination purposes.

Where there is difficulty in selecting between students of similar ability and potential, it may be necessary to contact or interview the respective Teachers, Heads of Mathematics and in some cases, the students themselves. Due notice will be given for any such interviews.

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