Macomb County Virtual Clerk's Office

Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds Fred Miller has developed "Quick Serve," The Virtual Clerk's Office, to help you receive immediate virtual help, tips and information -- or request assistance from a LIVE clerk during regular business hours!
If you can't find an answer quickly, use this form to contact our Clerk's Office staff, who are standing by remotely during regular business hours. 
This form collects email addresses and phone numbers, and one of our staff will contact you with advice on how you can still get County Clerk's Office & Register of Deeds services during the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency. 
I understand that I need to submit a request ONLY ONCE and I understand that I don't need to follow up with a phone call (that may delay response time).  I understand I may be contacted by a Clerk's Office remote clerk calling from a BLOCKED or UNKNOWN phone number or receive an email from a domain if I make a service request.
Acknowledgement *