Thank you for your interest in Manhattan Youth Afterschool! We are excited to provide FREE educational support and enrichment services thanks to funding from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD). 
Welcome to Winter PPAS After School. Please read all information on this form as it is important and thorough.
Spring Trimester
Mon March 20th - Fri June 16th
*Please complete your registration in full. Incomplete registrartion forms will be deleted within 48 hours.*
*Do not fill out more than 1 form per student.
*Changes will only be accepted via the Waitlist.
In order to attend 2nd session, students must attend 1st session that day.
Students must attend all activities for which they sign up.
Many of our Activities build on what was done in class the previous week. Leaving early or irregular attendance will result in missing important and fun information.
If a student needs to be dismissed early or stay late, parents/guardians must notify the Program Director by 11am that day.
Registration is first come, first serve. 
If a desired activity is full, please use the Waitlist form to indicate interest.
You can change activities during the first two weeks of program.
A parent or guardian needs to confirm this change with the Program Director.
After two weeks, students schedules are set for the Trimester.
Students may only attend Study Lab (if not registered) with approval from the Program Director to complete a specific assignment, or at the request of a DOE teacher.
For Snack, due to extended wait times at several locations, students are only allowed to travel within a 2 block radius. Restaruants such as Chipotle or McDonalds are too far and too busy to ensure that students can return and eat in time.
Students needs to put their food away before leaving the Cafeteria.
Manhattan Youth has a No Cell Phone Policy.
This is for saftey reasons and to limit distractions during Activities.
Students may check their phone during Snack.
Please do not contact your student directly during Activities to coordinate pick up, ect.
Call, text or email your Program Director and they will help coordinate.
If you need to speak to your student, we will ensure that happens immediately.
We look forward to a wonderful year at PPAS After School!

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