Yorkville East Middle School Winter 2018-2019 After School Schedule
Dear YEMS Families, 
Welcome to Yorkville after school! You may now register your child below. Our daily after school schedule is as follows: 
-Snack is distributed promptly at 3:15pm.
-First session begins at 3:30pm and runs until 4:40pm.
-Second session follows from 4:45 and runs until 5:55pm. 
As a reminder, if your child is supposed to be in after-school for the day, they may not leave the building for any reason and return.
-In order to sign up for a 2nd session activity, students must sign up for a 1st session activity. 
-Cell phones are not allowed during after school, unless in case of emergency.
-Please be sure to contact me if your child will be absent from after school or if they will be leaving early from program. We'd like to make sure that we're all on the same page when it comes to the safety and well-being of all program participants! 
Team Tryout Dates:
Varsity/JV Boys Basketball (Practices Mondays double session): 11/26/18 (3:30-5:55 @ Big Gym)
Varsity/JV Girls Basketball (Practices Wednesdays double session): 11/28/18 (3:30-5:55 @ Big Gym)
Eagle Cheer Squad (Practices Tuesday & Thursday first session): 11/27/18 (3:30-4:40@ Small Gym)
****These sports will not appear on the registration pages to follow, please select the sport of interest in the tryout section.  Also please note that students must be able to commit to practice & game schedule in order to be a part of competitive sports.****
For any further questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to reach out
Mr. Jesse Igbokwe
Program Director
Manhattan Youth
Cell: 646 306 2126