Thank you for your interest in Manhattan Youth Afterschool! We are excited to provide FREE educational support and enrichment services thanks to funding from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD). 
Registration Notes
1. Summer Rising will run from July 5th - August 11th. School day activities are 8-11:30, Manhattan Youth is 11:30-6:00, depending on the schedule you choose for your child.
2. Students will only be able to attend on days they are registered for.
3. If you'd like to update your child's schedule, please reach out to Cynthia or Kara via email.
4. Students who select our Filmmaking or Theater must attend it on BOTH days they are offered. Filmmaking is Monday/Wednesday and Theater is Tuesday/Thursday, both 12:30-3:20.
5. Breakfast/Lunch/Snack are provided daily, but they may bring food if they'd like. Students will not be able to leave to purchase food, and we ask that you please do not have food delivered for your child.
6. Students will not be dismissed early unless we hear from a parent/guardian.
7. If you select "No" for the question "My child is allowed to self-dismiss," a parent/guardian must be present in front of our school building (Warren St. Entrance) at dismissal.
8. Students will enter/leave the building using ONLY the Warren St. entrance.
Daily Schedule
8:00-9:00: Breakfast & Check In
9:00-11:30: DOE/School-Day
11:30-12:30: Lunch & Recess
12:30-2:00: 1st Session
2:00-3:20: 2nd Session
3:20-4:00: Snack/Recess
4:00-5:30: 3rd Session
5:30-6:00: Pick-Up/Dismissal


Program Directors

Cynthia De Leon & Kara Spencer


1. Summer Rising活动时间为7月5日至8月11日。学校日间活动时间为 8-11:30,曼哈顿青年节活动时间为 11:30-6:00,具体取决于您为孩子选择的时间表。
2. 学生只能在其注册的日期参加。
3. 如果您想更新孩子的日程安排,请通过电子邮件联系 Cynthia 或 Kara。
4. 选择我们电影制作或戏剧课程的学生必须在提供的两天参加。电影制作时间为周一/周三,戏剧时间为周二/周四,均为 12:30-3:20。
5. 每天提供早餐/午餐/小吃,但如果他们愿意,他们可以自带食物。学生将无法离开购买食物,也不接受送餐服务。
6. 除非我们收到家长/监护人的通知,否则学生不会提前放学。
7. 如果您在“我的孩子可以自行放学”问题中选择“否”,则放学时家长/监护人必须在我们的校舍(沃伦街入口)前在场。
8. 学生只能从 Warren St. 入口进入/离开大楼。




Cynthia De Leon & Kara Spencer

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