Thank you for your interest in Manhattan Youth Afterschool! We are excited to provide FREE educational support and enrichment services thanks to funding from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD). 



  • Activities are held every day school is in session, except half-days. The Program Director will notify, in advance, of any other program closures.
  • Free snack is provided immediately following school day dismissal. Students transition to the first activity directly after snack.
  • Activities are offered in TWO sessions, early (3:30-4:45) and late (4:45-6:05). Students must register for an early session activity to participate in a late session activity.
  • Please be aware students will not have access to their phones until dismissal from their afterschool classes in compliance with the Yondr program.  This includes trips, games, etc. unless otherwise noted.
  • All Classes are subject to change and cancellation due to a number of various reasons.  Advanced warning will be given whenever possible.
  • Student are NOT ALLOWED to leave school and return to afterschool for any reason without preauthourized permission from the Program Director.
  • Students who are not registered for afterschool will not be allowed to participate in classes or sports and will be sent home or called to be picked up.  
  • Activities are offered in THREE trimesters. This year’s afterschoolprogram sessions are as follows:

FALL Trimester---September 20 – November 22

WINTER Trimester---November 28 – March 10

SPRING Trimester---March 13 – June 16



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