LiveShowEvents Volunteer Application

Volunteering for LIveShowEvents will get you around some of the coolest folks in South Tx and other parts of the great state we do shows in. It’s a good 
way to make friends and forge new relationships. Please consider being a part of the team. We would love to have you aboard.
Volunteer: All Volunteers are granted access in all shows, but please note that by volunteering you might not get to see the concerts or in it’s entirety.
This is a servant hearts position and we will do all we can do to accommodate. If you are volunteering strictly to meet your favorite artist then we aren’t 
your company to volunteer with. If you are a big fan of a artist, then I would just buy your ticket and come and enjoy the show. It’s about a 50% chance you’ll
get to see the whole show. Positions below may give you access in the auditorium and for that reason you’ll get to see the show. Some positions might require 
more time that’s out of the concert auditorium.
These are the positions that we require and time to time elements will change, but this is a good description
1. Load in/Out Crew: We need anywhere from 6 -20 folks (preferably guys) 16 & above. Times are typically 9am, arrive 15 minutes prior..Sometimes, 8am crew call
Please wear athletic shoes, not sandals. There is some heavy lifting involved as well. Please be alert and watch out for your fellow man. Safety is utmost important.
You’ll be given water, juice etc and doughnuts or some form of food upon arrival (early birds get the worms). This position also entails you to stay post show and help
load the tour back up. It tends to go much faster at the end of the evening. You are also fed lunch when tour gives the break time. Occasionally we will have pizza for
post show load out, but never guaranteed. 
2. Ushers: Male or Female 18 & Above Arrival is at 5pm, sometimes 4:30. Position entails helping folks find their seats and assisting concert go-ers with any issues
that might pop up. Some folks at times expect to be seated where they want, but in sale out situations or where things get crowded, we have to get folks to play along
and scooch in as they say. Generally, we just want to make sure everyone’s experience is a great one. We also ask that you wear RED solid color T’s..We are working
on providing LiveShowEvent T-Shirts like this, but they are to be worn over your clothes, but are available for purchase for $5
3. Merchandise: This position Male or Female, 18 & above.,If your outgoing and like to talk to folks, this is your job. You get to help the artists sell their
wares and sometimes they put you in their t-shirts to help sell them and usually you get to keep it. Arrival times are typically, 3 folks (10am -1pm) and then 8-10 folks at 5pm
4. Drivers: Must have a mini, van, 15 passenger van, Larger SUV or Midsize SUV…It’s a all day 8am till sometimes Midnight or a tad later..This is a gas reimbursement
and food for the day and taking artists and their crew to various parts of the city..Malls, workout..(STARBUCKS), Walmart of Target. You just need to have a good knowledge 
of the city and have GPS. No children or extra folks are allowed and lastly no groupie type fans allowed. Again, if it’s your wish to get personal and close to the artists, 
Go buy a ticket and enjoy the show. In all our years, most drivers never get to have one on ones’s anyway. You are there to take care of the artist. It’s a very important job
They aren’t looking for conversations or to be entertained. Let them do the talking..Many of them will engage you regardless. Just want to be polite and professional.
5. Crowd Control or sometimes known as Security: The great state of Tx does not allow us to use the word security since that’s more of a bonded type profession.
We use the term Crowd Control and it’s really there to just help us enforce that everyone is cool or an extra layer of, yes that term again security, but I think you get where
we are coming from. You will be asked to guard the backstage areas from the public and support the tour needs as well. 
6. Hospitality:  This position is more for helping assist the setup of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the tour. Almost all the times there is a professional caterer and they
set this up themselves, but also we tend to need some assistance..They do have dressing rooms where we have to re-stock drinks and things like that. This position is typically
a morning or afternoon or sometimes both..If your there all day, we feed you too. 
7. FLYER TEAM: We are all about getting the word out on all our shows coming up. We partner with many different agencies to help them get the word out as well. You’ll be asked to 
show up 1 hour before doors (6pm) and then post concert, you’ll need to help pass out postcards/flyers..You remember that person who handed you something on your way out
at the last event..It happens all the time. 
THANKS FOR SERVING LIVESHOWEVENTS and YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS…You all are our backbone to allow us to continue bringing in these concerts.
What areas of work would you be interested in (check all that apply)? *
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