Quincy Public Schools Pre-Registration Student Information Form for Kindergarten through Grade 8 students
Quincy, Massachusetts
Please fill out this form for each student entering Kindergarten through Grade 8 in your family and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to register for school. 
The first day of school is Wednesday, September 5 for Grades 1-8 and Monday, September 10 for Kindergarten.
Please contact Quincy High School at 617.376.3364  or North Quincy High School at 617.984.8745 to schedule an appointment for high school registration.
In order to register for and attend the Quincy Public Schools, students must be residents of Quincy, Massachusetts.  Student residency will be verified during the registration process, please follow this link for more information: http://quincypublicschools.com/qpsinfo/how-do-i/
Does Student receive Special Education services? *