Match your organisation with a LandAid-brokered request for free support

3. Please select the category or categories that best describe the free support you are able to offer on this project *
4. Do you provide this type of support / service / advice to paying clients in the ordinary course of your business? (The answer to this question just helps us to draw your attention to the relevant parts of our pro bono Code of Practice should you be matched with a project) *

N.B. Corporate partner matching applications are currently dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be in touch shortly after receipt of this completed form. If your submission to be matched with a charity request is successful, we will begin by introducing you to their key contact person and asking you both to read our Code of Practice to lay out a framework for your working relationship. We will collect regular progress reports and, when you inform us that a project is completed, collect impact and satisfaction data from both you and the charity. Please keep records of the time that you spend providing free support.

Thank you for your support!