Routes out of Homelessness Grant Programmes - EOI

  1. Safe Spaces Programme: creates new/additional hosting bedspaces, generally bedspaces in the homes of individuals or families who may be volunteers or paid. These bedspaces would generally be used for emergency housing, or as a form of supported housing.
  2. Capital Grants Programme: To create bedspaces in properties owned by, or on a long-term lease to, charitable organisations. These bedspaces could be used for emergencysupported or move-on accommodation
  3. Move-on Grants Programme: To unlock bedspaces in the private, or social, rental sector. These bedspaces will be for move-on accommodation. These grants would be for charities working with young people who are ready and wanting to move forward into independent living, but face barriers in accessing rental accommodation. 
Please read through our Routes Out Of Homelessness Grant Programme Information carefully before applying. Eligibility criteria can be found on page 5
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Free professional support

At LandAid, we don’t just give out capital grants to youth homelessness projects. We also help a wide range of charities to find free, high quality professional skills, services, advice generously provided by our corporate pro bono partners.
Would your organisation benefit from professional support, advice or expertise for this project? Property-related support
Pro Bono non-property help
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Thanks for your application - We will be in touch within two/three weeks. Please contact with any questions