Project Proposal

This form becomes the project brief.
Therefore, providing all the information within the word limit can reduce the time it takes to resource your project. LandAid will still contact you if more information/documents is required. 
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Code of Conduct for Organisations Receiving Free Property Advice

To ensure the best outcomes are achieved for charities receiving free property advice LandAid ask charities to commit to the following Code of Conduct by sigining where indicated below.  If you do not sign, we will, unless you tell us otherwise within seven days of your application for free property advice proceed on the basis that you do agree to such terms:
• To work honestly, fairly and in good faith with the professional property advice provider, appreciating that there is not a fee for their expertise and they are often doing the work in addition to their paid job.

• To respond to requests for information with regard to the property advice in a timely manner and with a proper regard for standards of service.

• To not knowingly participate in a conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties.

• To inform LandAid of any changes in the agreed scope of work.

• To feedback to LandAid on the progress of the work and the outcomes of the project. LandAid may use this information in case studies and examples of best practice for wider distribution on our website, trustees, corporate and charity partners.
We acknowledge and agree that LandAid does not owe any duty to us with respect to or in connection with LandAid's Free Property Advice Service.  LandAid is not liable to us for any losses of any kind suffered or incurred by us arising out of or in connection with LandAid's Free Property Advice Service.  We will not bring any action, proceedings or claim against LandAid or any of its directors, trustees, members, staff, other officers or employees which in any way relate to or are concerned with LandAid's Free Property Advice Service.