Faux Show 2024/ May 19th 9:30am

Napa Valley Horsemen’s Association 1200 Foster Road, Napa, CA

For Questions please contact JoJo cookjoanelle56@gmail.com
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I acknowledge that horseback riding is a sport, which carries inherent risks of injury and damage to horse, property and myself. I knowingly assume all risks, whether known or unknown, of this sport. I hereby release Napa Valley Horsemen’s Association, the show management and volunteers (herein after known as “the Horse Show”) from all liability form any actof negligence or want of ordinary care on the part of the Horse Show and/or management or any of its agents. I waive, release and discharge the Horse Show from any and all claims of liability for injury or damage to myself, my animals or my property arising out of my participation or damage which may accrue as a result of fire, theft, running away, state of health, injury to person, horse or property. I agree to sign a complete release upon check-in at the show office. * 🛈
Parent or guardian must sign if rider is under 18
Children 17 and under MUST wear a helmet.
Barn Rules as posted on napahorsemen.org apply