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Great Pyrenees Application
This questionnaire is prepared for your benefit, the prospective owner, and the Great Pyrenees dog that you plan to have become a part of your family.
Please answer all of the following questions and submit the form. We will get back to you withing a few days.
Have you thoroughly researched the breed? What concerns do you have with Pyrenees *
Living Situation

Rent or own? (If rent, please list landlord’s name and number, for we will need to verify that the landlord accepts pets and the size of the pet allowed): *
Involved Care *
Are you willing to take your dog in for a dental if necessary or for maintenance care
If your dog develops a chronic illness that is treatable, are you willing to take the time out to care for this illness?
Are you willing to put out the money for yearly vaccinations, as well as any emergencies, surgeries, or medications for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, seizures, adrenal gland diseases? This includes lifetime medications that could become costly.
Do you find yourself burdened with the thought of spending the money on proper veterinary care for your animal if it becomes very costly at times?
Do you understand that this animal(s) has physical and emotional pain the same as humans? Do you understand that a broken leg feels the same for an animal as it does for you, as well as being unable to breathe, an upset stomach, a collapsed lung, an open wound or a gunshot? Are you willing to treat all of the above and more w/o hesitation if the animal is sick?
If an animal is suffering are you willing to allow a licensed veterinarian relieve the suffering through humane methods?
Adoption *
Are you agreeable to us visiting your home prior to adoption?
Returning the dog if unforeseen circumstance arise in which you would no longer be able to keep the dog?
Do you feel that you are physically able to handle this large and very powerful dog?
Veterinarian Information
 By providing this information you are agreeing to allow k9.5 Rescue to do a reference check with your veterinarian.
Veterinarian name & clinic:
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