Please review the FAQ section of our website, 3 Dogs Rescue , for a breakdown of adoption fees.
Submission of an application does not guarantee adoption, but merely alerts the rescue to a serious inquiry and begins the approval process.
Applications are held onfile for 90 days.



Application will NOT be processed unless TWO references are able to be contacted and have knowledge of applicant's handling and care of animals.


Do you or anyone in your household have, or have ever had (you may choose more than one): *
Is everyone in the household in agreement with the decision to adopt a rescue dog? *
Do you currently own dogs? *
Are all current dog(s) spayed or neutered?
Are all current dog(s) on monthly heart worm preventative?
Are your current animals tested annually for heart worm? *
Do you currently own cats? *
Cats are:
Current cat(s) are (you may choose more than one): *
Are dog(s) and cat(s) on monthly flea/tick preventative?
Have you ever surrendered or euthanized a pet? *
Every effort is made for dogs adopted through 3 Dogs Rescue to be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters shall be advised if an animal is NOT spayed and must agree to do so as outlined on the adoption contract and per state law. Do you have any reservations with this policy? *
Do you own any other small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, etc.)? *
Do you have fowl or livestock on your property?
Are all your current pets vaccinated per state law? *
Do you own your home? *
Application will NOT be processed unless current landlord or managemnt company are able to be contacted and have knowledge of applicant, property and lease/rental agreement (if applicable).
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog? *
Have you insured there are no size or breed limitations on your homeowners or renters insurance, homeowners association, lease, rental agreement, or with your management company? *


Is this dog being adopted as a 'gift' for a family member, child(ren), parents, etc? *
Are you willing to adopt (you may choose more than one): *
Is your yard completely fenced? *
Would you rather adopt a: *
What age dog are you seeking to adopt? *
By entering your name in the signature block below, you attest that the information provided herein is accurate. 
-You are also granting permission for vet checks on current and past pets, as well as personal reference checks. 
-You understand that the adoption fee is nonrefundable and based on age as follows:  puppy to one year $550.00, one to eight years $500.00, over eight years $300.00. The adoption fee covers all vetting appropriate to the age of the dog. The adoption fee funds medical care, shelter, transport, and food costs. This fee is not solely for the dog you are applying to adopt but for all the animals in the rescue.
-You consent to the scheduling of a home visit as part of the adoption application process.
-You understand that if falsified information is discovered your application will be denied.
-You understand that should you adopt from 3 Dogs Rescue this application becomes part of the contract and file of adoption.