3 Dogs Rescue Foster Application & Contract



Do you currently own/have dogs in your home? *
Do you currently own/have cats in your home? *
Cats are:
Do you have livestock on your property? *
Are all your current pets vaccinated per state law? *
Do you own your home? *
If you RENT, have you insured there are no size, or breed limitations on your lease, rental agreement, or management company? *
If you OWN your home, have you insured there are no size, or breed limitations on your homeowners insurance? *


Do you have any experience with special need dogs? *
Is your yard completely fenced? *
What age are you seeking to foster *
I understand and agree that I can not transfer custody of the dog in my care to anyone other than 3 Dogs Rescue. *
I understand and agree to exercise normal care in maintaining the health, emotional and physical well-being of the foster dog. Including, but not limited to each of the following:
A. NOT to physically alter the appearance of the dog (example dock ears, or tail)
B. To provide fresh food, water and appropriate daily exercise and socialization for the dog.
C. To always keep the dog within a securely fenced area, or supervised on a leash.
D. To never allow the dog to be tied, chained, or tethered unsupervised in a yard for long periods of time. *
I understand a foster dog, no matter the age, may require training in basic house manners. *
I understand and agree that if crate, or kennel confinement are to be utilized as a training tool, or safety measure, they are NOT to be used as punishment, or a lifestyle for this dog. I further agree not to excessively crate, or kennel this dog with the exception of health reasons, or specific extenuating circumstances. *
I understand that interactions between child(ren) and the dog must be CAREFULLY supervised. I understand that it is inadvisable and potentially dangerous to leave child(ren) alone and unsupervised with the dog, and I acknowledge that I am solely and fully responsible for the dog's conduct and behavior *
I agree to carefully introduce a foster dog to my current pets and animals. This includes allowing time and space for all animals to adjust. I will also supervise all pet/animal interactions. *
I understand and agree that dogs can dig, chew, have bowel and bladder accidents, and exhibit other undesirable traits or destructive habits unless property trained, confined, or supervised. *
I understand and agree that rescue animals come into contact with many animals and environments on their path to adoption. They may be exposed to any number of common illnesses or parasite due to overcrowding, stress, environment changes and transport. We have started these rescued animals on a path of proper care, but at times illness can and may lay dormant with NO visible or detectable signs.  Some things that trigger symptoms are stress, changes, and climate change. *
I understand and agree that a dog full history is not always known.
A. The dog may have been mistreated, neglected, or abused and that special care and precautions may be required.
B. 3 Dogs Rescue can and does not guarantee the health or temperament of the dog. 3 Dogs Rescue does not make any representation or warantee concerning the breed, health, condition, training, behavior, or temperment of the dog.
C. I agree to inform the rescue should I not be able to care for and foster the animal. *
I understand and agree that a fecal result on an adoptive animal can show negative result, however worms/parasites may appear after arrival. Fecal tests can detect parasites but said animal must have parasites passing/shedding of eggs or segments to test fully positive. *
I understand and agree that failure to properly supervise the dog's interactions with people and animals can have devastating consequences for which I, as the foster, am solely responsible. *
I agree to keep in contact with 3 Dogs Rescue in regards to the health, needs and all concerns/question I may have in regards to a foster dog. *
I understand that 3 Dogs Rescue is responsible for all normal vetting costs for the foster dog while in my care.
I further agree:
     A. To contact 3 Dogs Rescue for vetting approval PRIOR to seeking vetting.
     B. I will be responsible for all vetting costs which are not approved by 3 Dogs Rescue PRIOR to the veterinarian care being provided. 
     C. I will be responsible for all vetting needs should 3 Dogs Rescue determine that I was negligent or abusive in the care of the foster dog. *
I agree to immediately surrender the foster dog once an adopting family is secured, or immediately upon demand of 3 Dogs rescue. I further agree that I cannot keep the foster dog from an approved adopting family, or from 3 Dogs Rescue.  *
I understand and agree that, in the event that I should fail to comply with any provision herein, I forfeit my right to possess and foster the dog, and 3 Dogs Rescue may re-take possession of the dog immediately. *

By entering your name in the signature box below, you attest that the information provided herein is accurate. You are also granting permission for vet checks on current and past pets, as well as personal reference checks.
You understand that scheduling of a home visit is part of the foster application process.
You understand that if falsified information is discovered, your application will be denied and any dogs fostered in your home will be removed. You understand that fostering does not convey ownership rights over the foster animal.