Have you fostered an animal before? *
Do you currently own/have dogs in your home? *
Do you currently own/have cats in your home? *
Cats are:
Do you own/have in your home other animals (hampster, guinea pig, ferrit, rabbit, ect.)? *
Are all your current pets vaccinated per state law? *
I.  I understand and agree that I can-not transfer custody of the cat to anyone without the written consent of 3 Dogs Rescue and I agree to contact 3 Dogs Rescue if ever, during the life of the cat, am unable to keep the cat for any reason.
    A. In the event that I cannot keep the cat I agree to provide written notice to 3 Dogs Rescue that I need to return the cat.
     B. Upon individual case review;   
          1.  if return to the rescue is a valid option, I understand it may take up to two weeks for 3 Dogs Rescue to make arrangements to bring the cat back into the rescue.
          2.  If return to the rescue is not an option, or not in the best interest of the cat, 3 Dogs Rescue will provide written determination of fact.
          3.  3 Dogs Rescue will consider a plan of rehoming set forth by adopter should this plan be in the better interest of the cat.
     C. I agree to assure the cat is fully vetted for age and need prior to 3 Dogs Rescue taking the cat back into custody, or transferring the cat to another owner.
II. I understand and agree to exercise normal care in maintaining the health, emotional and physical well being of the cat. Including, but not limited to each of the following:
     A. NOT to physically alter the appearance of the cat (example dock of ears, or tail) unless deemed medically necessary by a vet.
     B. To provide regular grooming of the coat to prevent matting.
     C. To provide proper care of skin and ears.
     D. To maintain this cat on a proper diet at weight and size for its age.
     E. I will provide fresh food, fresh water, maintain clean litter area (as appropriate), and provide appropriate daily exercise and socialization for this cat.
     F. To provide routine preventative care for this cat, especially, but not limited to: vaccines and parasite protection.
     G. To license this cat in accordance with my town/state ordinances.
     H. When not indoors: to always keep this cat within a securely fenced area or supervised.
     I. To provide emergent and/or specialized veterinary care should the need arise. *
III. I understand and agree that if crate, or kennel confinement are to be utilized as a training tool, or safety measure, they are NOT to be used as punishment, or a lifestyle for this cat. I further agree not to excessively crate, or kennel this cat with the exception of health reasons, or specific extenuating circumstances. *
IV. I understand and agree that rescue animals come into contact with many animals and environments on their path to adoption. They may be exposed to any number of common illnesses or parasite due to overcrowding, stress, environment changes and transport. We have started these rescued animals on a path of proper care, but at times illness can and may lay dormant with NO visible or detectable signs. Some things that trigger symptoms are stress, changes, and climate change. *
V. I understand and agree that a fecal result on an adoptive animal can show negative result, however worms/parasites may appear after arrival.  Fecal tests can detect parasites but said animal must have parasites passing/shedding of eggs or segments to test fully positive.  *
VI. I understand and agree that cat can claw, chew, mark, have bowel and bladder accidents, and exhibit other undesirable traits or destructive habits unless properly trained, confined or supervised.   *
VII. I understand and agree that the cat described above is a rescue cat. This cat's history may not be known by 3 Dogs Rescue. This cat may have been neglected, mistreated, or abused and that special care, training, and precautions may be required. *
XIII.  I understand and agree that this cat will need time to adjust to new family, new routine, new surroundings. This adjustment may last several months.
XIV.  I understand that this cat may require training in basic house manners. *
X.  I agree to carefully introduce this cat to my current pets and animals.  This includes, allowing time and space for all animals to adjust.  I will also supervise all pet/animal interactions with this animal until fully acclimated (this may be days, or months).
XI.  I understand that interactions between child(ren) and the cat must be CAREFULLY supervised.  I understand that it is inadvisable and potentially dangerous to leave child(ren) alone and unsupervised with the cat, and I acknowledge that I am solely and fully responsible for the cat's conduct and behavior. *
XII.   I understand and agree to each of the following:
     A. 3 Dogs Rescue cannot and does not guarantee the health or temperament of the cat.  3 Dogs Rescue does not make any representations or warranties concerning the breed, health, condition, training, behavior, or temperment of the cat.  This cat is adopted "as is," and I understand that I am responsible for the treatment of existing conditions, known and unknown, and any other conditions or physical temperament changes that may occur.
     B. 3 Dogs Rescue does not guarantee breed of this cat unless specific documentation is provided with the cat upon arrival into rescue.
XIII.  I understand and agree to the following:
     A. The cost for food, training, medical care and all expenses associated with this cat through remainder of its life after adoption are responsibility of person signed below.
     B. 3 Dogs Rescue will not reimburse any expenses incurred on behalf of this cat once this agreement is signed and dated.
     C. I understand and agree that 3 Dogs Rescue did provide care and treatment for this cat while in its care and that a cat is a living being and in such, subject to conditions such as, but not limited to: parasites, ear infections, injury, or  hereditary disorders. 
     D. As the adopter, I understand and agree to provide care and treatment of any condition that arises, or comes to my attention after the date and signing of this agreement. *
XIV.  All statements made by 3 Dogs Rescue regarding this cat's interactions with children, people and animals and suitability in life situations is based on common-sense observations. 

I understand and agree that I must be aware of the cat and control the cat's interactions with other people and animals at all times.  *
XV.  I understand and agree that failure to properly supervise this cat's interactions with people and animals can have devastating consequences of which I, as the foster, am responsible. *
XVI.  I understand and agree that if I should fail to perform those acts described in this agreement or if 3 Dogs Rescue has reason to fear for the safety or health of this cat, then 3 Dogs Rescue may, at its sole discretion, retake possession of the cat, and I will forfeit further possessory or right to the cat. 
     A. I agree to home and wellbeing checks of this cat to 3 D
ogs Rescue. *
XVII.  I understand and agree that if this cat is voluntarily or involuntarily returned to the custody of 3 Dogs Rescue, 3 Dogs Rescue may vet this cat with a veterinarian of their choosing and charge all expenses to me incurred on behalf of this cat, including, but not limited to treatment of illness, treatment of injury and vaccinations for age. *
XVIII. I agree that at the voluntary, or involuntary end of the foster time, period, or need, I will make provisions to return and deliver the cat and all material, items, and paperwork received with the cat, to a location and time set forth by 3 Dogs Rescue. *
XIX.  I accept responsibility and possession of the cat at my own risk.  I acknowledge that the destruction of any personal or private property and injury to myself or others is my sole responsibility. I forever indemnify and hold harmless 3 Dogs Rescue, its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, volunteers, successors, and assigns from any liability, loss, costs, or damage arising from this foster contract, including but not limited to, bodily injury, personal injury, illness, scarring, death, damage to private or personal property, or any other loss or harm that may occur.

XX. I hereby release, acquit, and discharge 3 Dogs Rescue, its officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, volunteers, successors, and assigns from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, demands, debts, sums of money, accounts, compensation, contracts, controversies, promises, damages, costs, losses and expenses (including but not limited to attorney fees), liquidated or unliquidated, known or unknown that may occur as a result of this foster contract.

XXI. In the event that any party to this Contract fails to take any action required by this Contract or takes action in violation of this Contract ("Breaching Party") and the other party ("Non-breaching Party") suffers any form of loss by virtue of the Breaching Partie's failure to act or perform in accordance with this Contract, the Breaching Party shall fully indemnify the Non-breaching Party from any and all losses or damages suffered by the Non-breaching Party, including all costs of litigation, including any reasonable attorney's fees incurred through all appeals. 3 Dogs Rescue shall have all remedies, at law or in equity, including specific performance, in the event of the foster's breach of any provisions of this Contract.

XXII. The waiver of a breach of any term, condition or covenant contained in this Contract shall not be considered to be a waiver of any other term, condition or convenant, or of any subsequent breach of any nature.

XXIII. This Contract shall inure to and be binding upon the respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the parties.

XXIV. If any part of this Contract is held invalid, the remainder of the Contract shall not be affected, but shall remain in full force and effect.

XXV. This Contract shall be governed by, construed under, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine without regard to the conflicts of law rules of the State of Maine.

3 Dogs Rescue, PO Box 228, Berwick, ME 03901.