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Survey Information

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Please mark items below that you would like to see improved in our neighborhood.
What would you like to see occur on the Ludlam Trail Corridor Property? Please rank each of the choices by selecting the appropriate number of stars.
Five stars means "strongly approve"; three stars means "neutral"; one star means "strongly disapprove".
Linear Park & Trail, 50-80' wide, with 10-25' on each side available for sale to abutting homeowners (NO Development)
Linear Park & Trail, 100ft wide (NO Development)
Entire property made available to abutting homeowners for sale; No Linear Park/Trail (NO Development)
Development consisting of homes and/or townhomes with small trail area (10-25ft wide)
Development consisting of homes and/or townhomes with no trail.

I would like to volunteer my time to help hte Board and/or serve on any committee.
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